Cross Kill, James Patterson

cross kill bookshotspolier alerttitle: Cross Kill

Author: James Patterson

pages: 144

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Part of a series?  Yes, book 23.5

Published: 6/07/2016

                Cross Kill is the newest adventure in the Alex Cross series, and one of the first Bookshots to come out.  While, being a Bookshot, it was quite short; I found that it was still packed with the charm and action that the series is known for.

                We begin with Alex and his best friend Sampson serving in Nana Mama’s hot breakfast kitchen (after winning the lotto, Nana opened up a soup kitchen to feed the needy.  Oh, and bought a 3D TV).  The two are serving people and talking, Alex explaining that he is wearing Kevlar because he has to get used to the weight, going up for a PT test soon. 

                Shots are fired.  Alex gets hit in the vest and is fine, but the nuns working with him were hit; as well as Sampson.    What really floors Alex, though, is the shooter.  He is a dead ringer for a madman that had Cross in his sights for a very long time.  This is impossible; of course, Soneji has been dead for a decade.

                As Sampson’s wife, Billie, and Alex’s family wait to see if Sampson will make it Alex tries to figure everything out.  The problem, though, is that it makes no sense and Alex may be too close to the case to keep a keen perspective.  He is tired, confused, angry and worried.  Plus, Billie has made up her mind- should Sampson make it, he will not be a cop anymore.  He can’t be Alex’s partner.

                Alex goes back, talks to people and finds on line sites that adore Soneji.  There’s chatter that he is alive, which while it doesn’t make sense, does explain why Alex could swear he was the shooter.  Delving deeper into the mystery of the shooter, Alex gets caught up in a trap where he must shoot his way out.  This happens in the line of duty, except that there are people saying it didn’t go down the way he says it does.  When two of the combatants die, it is up for investigation and Alex has the right to remain silent.  What happens when Cross is on this side of the interrogation table?  A cliffhanger!  Mr. Patterson, we had better get answers- maybe in the next Cross book in November?

                 I loved this book- five stars all the way!  I was worried, as this would be a short novel, that it would lack something- character development, family time, action… something the series is known for.  But was all there!Five Stars

                As far as adult content, there is a large amount of violence.  I would say a six.Parental Guidance

Link to the book:

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