Top Ten Tuesday!

toptentuesday2Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by the Broke and the Bookish.  This week’s theme: Ten Reasons I love X.  This can be a certain book, character, author, fandom, movie or hobby.  I decided to write mine on James Patterson, who has held my heart in his keyboard for well over a decade.


Ten Reasons I love James Patterson:

  1. He has obscenely long series’, but the characters don’t seem to be stymied or boring.  Honestly, after over twenty books one would think I would be tired of Alex Cross, yet it is the opposite.  Every single time.  I love the characters, the plot.  Seeing snippets of the family is like going home again, I have known them so long.
  2. He pulls the young readers in too.  We have the adorable Christmas picture book, Santa kid.  A bit older, and you have I Funny.  The Treasure Hunters, and Middle School books.  For young adults you have Maximum Ride- novels and manga- and Witch and Wizard.  Plus, who could forget the brilliant YA romance, First Love.  There is seriously something to spark an interest in every child/teen.
  3. While he is best known for his thrillers/mysteries, he can write anything.  Literally.  I think Sundays At Tiffany’s, where a young woman falls in love with the manifestation of her imaginary friend, is a very good example.
  4. I actually love that he writes with coauthors.  For one, it allows other authors to become known.  Mostly, selfishly, I love it because it allows for six or more stories a year.
  5. I love that he has so many things going on with charities.  From giving money to libraries and small business book stores, to giving scholarships to 22 kids a year The Patterson Family Foundation is doing a lot to give back to the book community and to students.  That makes me feel good.
  6. He reviews movies on his web site.  I know it’s an odd thing, but if I am on the fence about a movie I go to his website and check to see if he’s rated it.
  7. To me, there are never any throw away characters.  Each one is special and unique.  This gives more depth to the stories, for me anyway.
  8. The Women’s murder club:  let’s talk about how awesome it is to have a group of women that are strong, confident, and kick ass in their respective fields.  You have a detective, ME, reporter and lawyer.  All of them are friends and watching their work and social life interplay is really interesting for me.
  9. He teaches an online writing class!  God only knows how hard it is to get into, or how expensive, but how awesome is that?  If I was serious about being an author, I would want to learn from him.
  10. Lastly, there are the book shots.  I love the idea of cheap novellas that sometimes tie into series’, and sometimes stand alone.  Even with a full time job for both myself and my husband, book money can get tight.  I weigh each purchase pretty carefully (though you wouldn’t think it with the amount of books I have).  Being able to pick up a good book for under $5.  is really exciting for me.  I mean, we sell magazines for more money than that!  I hope it does what Patterson wants (bringing books to people that say they don’t have time to read, or don’t have the money).

For all of these reasons and so many more, James Patterson is my favorite author.  If you haven’t read one of his pieces you really should.

James_PattersonThanks for reading!



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