What’s new Wednesday? Week 6

Hey guys! Today is the sixth week I am doing What’s New Wednesday, and I feel like I almost have it where I want it.  It’s been an odd, fluid idea for me but I love it because I have a lot of fun.  Today is national chocolate ice cream day and, you know what, there’s still time to celebrate!

What’s new with me?

Not a whole lot has happened this week.  I got the eBooks I preordered today.  I will list them at the end of this section.  Every once in a while if there is a book I feel strongly about I will call the library and see if they got a copy yet; if not, I will get them one.  Cross Kill by James Patterson came out today and I loved it.  Obviously I had to pick up a copy for the library!  I figured I would just pick it up while doing the grocery shopping, but Walmart didn’t have it.  (I know, I am as shocked as you are!) So I went to the big box book store in town.  Nope.  Now, I am getting mad.  This is big- the whole point of the Bookshot is to make books cheaper and more accessible for the customer.  How will that happen if no one carries them?  I checked Target and they had it, so I got my library copy after all.  Seriously though, if you guys see them while shopping let me know?  I was so excited… I just assumed all companies would be jumping on board.

So… the books I got today:

  1. Cross Kill, James Patterson (eBook  for me, paper for library)
  2. Zoo2, James Patterson (eBook)
  3. Ink and Bone, Lisa Unger (eBook)

And to finish my section: a non-bookish fact about me.  My taste in music varies by my mood.  When I am down and need centered, I listen to Andrea Bococelli or Celtic Women.  When feisty, Meghan Trainer, Maroon 5, Christina Grimmi and Nakia.  Right now I am listening to a lot of Taylor John Williams and Sawyer Fredricks, though I don’t rightly know what this says about my mood.  (Can you tell I am a big fan of The Voice?)

What’s new in News:

  1. Guaranteed  income?  Nah.  In Switzerland they voted on having a Minimum income check.  Those in favor wanted this because as everything is becoming automated there are fewer jobs but the cost of living stays the same.  Giving every adult 2,500 franks a month allows for them to keep a decent living and possibly work less hours which would put less strain on the body.  77% of voters opposed this plan.  While the theory sounds good where does this money come from?  Read story here.

What’s new in books:

  1. Ink and Bone by Lisa Unger came out today!  It’s on my list once I finish a few RFR books.  I will review soon though!  I am so stoked!

IMG_20160607_135606.jpgSee you next week!



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