Little Girl Gone,Gerry Schmitt

little girl goneTispolier alerttle: Little Girl Gone

Author: Gerry Schmitt

Pages: 336

Genre: Thriller

Part of a series: Yes, book one.

Publish date: 07/05/2016

                I received an advanced copy of Little Girl Gone from First to Read in exchange for an honest review.  To be honest, I am still on the fence.  There were great characters, a really good plot, and a good writing style that flowed smoothly from one point of view to another.  There were also some large problems I had with the procedural part of all this.  Let’s start with the story:

                Afton Tangler is a community liaison officer for the Minneapolis Police Department.  When a three month old baby is kidnapped, she is called in to talk to the family.  Recently divorced from her second husband, Afton lives with her two girls, so child abduction hits close to home for her.  She is, perhaps more forceful than usual, pushing to be beside the detective on the case, Max Montgomery.  Thacker gives her more leeway than I feel a liaison would normally get, and she’s got just enough rope to hang herself.  Two times they are called out, once for a baby that is not Elizabeth Ann and once for a dog.  Both times they are filmed by an overzealous reporter, and the parents of the missing child find out.  They are furious and want Afton away from the case.

                The further they go in the case, the more they learn about the father.  Then there’s the doll show that the mother went to the day Elizabeth Ann went missing.  She had talked to a woman that made reborn dolls, but when they went to the show coordinator there was no record.  Chasing leads and feeling like they are always behind, until something the girl that was babysitting that night clicks.  It’s a race against time and Mother Nature to save Elizabeth Ann before it’s too late!

                As I said before, there were some great characters.  I love Max and Afton and feel like we are leading toward those two being a detective team eventually.  I hope so, because I would love to see Afton grow in her job- she obviously doesn’t like the one she has, as she is always getting out of it to go with the detective.  The plot was good, great mystery and a good amount of creep factor that I admire in a thriller.  The story was fast paced, and never dull. 

                Sadly, I feel like not all the characters were given much of a role.  I would have loved to see more of Afton’s daughters, her home life.  Thacker, the boss, is also very static.  He is the cookie cutter Chief of Police, gruff and growling at everyone.  He still lets Afton get away with murder though, who knows why.  I feel like if we had started Afton as a rookie cop, it would have worked well.  Or if we have given Thacker some real character.  For these reasons, this book lost two stars for me.  I still love it, and I will be buying these books as they come out because I sincerely love Afton, but this was not the best start to a series.  Three Stars

On the Adult Content Scale I give it a seven.  Violence, kidnapping, murder…. adult content road sign

The book comes out July 5th- be ready!

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