Firefly Summer, Nan Rossiter

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Title:  Firefly Summer

Author: Nan Rossiter

Pages: 352

Genre:  literary fiction, women’s fiction

Publish Date: July 26th, 2016

                I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley and Kensington Books.  The premise of the book delighted me, and I loved the ebb and flow of the book where different chapters were dedicated to different sisters.  It allowed me to get a good feel for each sister without prejudice that might come with the thoughts of another.

                Four sisters, Sailor, Remy, Piper and Birdie have the perfect childhood with loving parents and a brother that they adore.  On the night before his eighth birthday, an accident occurs and Easton, the brother, is lost.  Decades later, each sister is trying desperately to come to terms with their past and their lives.  Piper, the freest of them all, is wondering if it isn’t time to finally marry her life partner Nate.  They have been together forever and have a son, Elias.  Life just kept moving so quickly once she was “ready” and he never asked again… or maybe it’s the hormones?  She may be going through “the change”.  Sailor, having raised all her children, has finally left her cheating husband and moved back to The Cape.  She immediately meets a man- her realtor of all things!  But is she really ready for everything a new relationship entails?  Has she even really processed what the divorce will mean to her family- they’ll have to share holidays!  Remy is the more timid one, a homebody that likes her old car and is set in her ways.  Her husband, Jim died young leaving her to raise her three children.  Now that they are grown with children of their own, she is lonely.  Maybe it’s time to look around and stop living in the past?  Finally, there is Birdie.  Birdie and her husband David were never blessed with children, the three miscarriages weigh heavily on her.  Add to that, she still harbors serious guilt over Easton as she was the one with him when the wave came.  She drinks too much wine, for comfort, for courage, to forget…. There are a million reasons.  David and the others worry, but she doesn’t feel she has a problem.  She just needs it to help the stress- the guilt, and that her relationship with David is changing.  When two near tragedies happen in quick succession, Birdie comes back to herself and realizes what’s important to her.  Things are looking up, and maybe the guilt will finally be lifted.  Maybe the four sisters can finally come to terms with life and make peace.

                I loved so many things in this book!  The characters were real and honest, nothing was sugar coated- not Birdie’s drinking or Remy’s trouble remembering.  The interaction between the sisters was a joy to watch.  I especially liked the little snippets into past generations- and the bits about the youngest generation as well!  This book brought forth feelings of family and togetherness, love without end.  I was honestly charmed, and though the story deals with some very heavy issues, it left me felling light inside- free.  I sincerely recommend this book.  I may, in fact, buy a copy for several big readers in my family. 

                There really wasn’t anything I disliked about the book.  If anything, I could wish for more time with the girl’s parents, but the story would have gone on for far too long then.   I really don’t know that anything could have been added without taking something important away.  For that reason I am giving this book five stars!Five Stars

On the adult content scale, I give it a three.  There is some mild sexual content and drinking.  General.svg

The book will be out July 26th- be ready!

Link to book:

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