Pulse Shootings

untitled   I was going to talk about this on Wednesday, but I just can’t wait.  Bare with me guys, because this is very emotional for me.  The shooting that occurred at Pulse in Orlando was a travesty.  Not because it was against the LGBT community, though that sickens me, but because it happened to anybody.  No one deserves to be gunned down for having fun.  No one deserves their lives to be cut short due to race, religion or sexual orientation.  That’s no one’s business.  The sooner we learn to love everyone the sooner this will end.  Because if we answer with violence, the madmen win.  If we answer with hatred are we any better than those we oppose?  I am not trying to belittle this tragedy- it is massive. My heart bleeds for the families of those lost, and for the injured.  If you are with me in these feelings consider this:

What we need to do, as the country that survived this- as one community- is stand with the families and the injured.  To love and support them as they heal.  We need to love one another now more than ever- whether we share one another’s lifestyle or not.  We need to accept that we are all different, we are all beautiful, and we all deserve to live free.  Free from fear of being hurt for holding someone’s hand.  Free to marry whom we want.  Free to pray to whom we want.  Free to walk anywhere at any time without fear that the way we look will cause trouble.  We are straight, gay, transgender, Asian, black, Christian, Muslin, Wiccan, Buddist…… we are HUMAN.  In this you are my brothers and sisters.  Respect your brothers and sisters.  Love without fear.  Together, in love and acceptance, we can be stronger than the hatred and bigotry.  Love is the only way.

I love you all.  I stand beside Orlando in this time of great pain.  I stand with the LGBT community.  I stand with humans.  Stand with me, darlings.  Only when love and acceptance flows freely will we win over the hatred.  I firmly believe that.



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