Zoo 2, James Patterson, Max Dilallo

zoo2 bookshotspolier alertTitle: Zoo 2

Author: James Patterson, coauthor: Max Dilallo

Pages: 160

Genre: thriller, science fiction

Part of a series? Yes, Zoo book 1.5.  Also a Bookshot, though not technically a series.

Release Date: 6-7-2016.

This book picks up where Zoo leaves off.  Animals are waging war on humans- and winning.  The world has gone insane, people are afraid to leave their home.  Rations come to many by soldiers.  On the streets of the biggest cities like Paris are littered with the bodies of victims as packs of animals rove the streets.

Jackson Oz, the man who created the theory on Human-animal conflict, is hidden away in Antarctica with his wife Cloe, and son Eli.  Food is beginning to be scarce, and both of them are pretty tired of snow.  Still, it’s safer than the alternatives.  One email changes everything.  Oz is wanted in DC to be part of the team to scientifically fight HAV.

Dropping Cloe and Eli off in Paris with  her parents where he hopes they will be safe, Oz gets ready for work.  The work, though is crazier than even he could have imagined.  There are people- humans- that have been affected, killing animals and innocent humans.  How can this be when the whole theory rests on this being a pheromone thing?  Something that should not bother people?  But it is happening and there are terrifyingly few tells.  The human gets more aggressive, starts to sweat and their face gets red.  Once there, animals won’t touch them and they go on a rampage.  It’s a race against the clock to figure out why this is happening and find a cure before it spreads too far!

Confession time:  I read the first book so long ago that I barely remember it.  I wanted to see if I could read and enjoy this book without the information in the last.  I can.  So if you don’t feel like reading the first book first- no sweat!  There is enough back story and explanation for this to actually be the first book.  All I remember of the first one was that the animals were waging war and that Oz was trying to help and getting no where fast.  Honestly, I didn’t like it and had been on the fence with this one.  I am glad I picked it up because I liked this one much more.

The premise of this book caught me, I had found the first premise intriguing, but the execution somewhat lacking.  This one though, was executed brilliantly, flying off the page.  It was loaded with action and I was engaged the whole time.  Oz was a good character, well developed and interesting.  I also loved Chloe.  Even though what Oz is doing is obviously the star of the book, you still see what she is doing as it switches between narrators.  I liked that.  For me there weren’t any real problems with the book save personal preference.  It was still not one of my favorites from Patterson and I am not even sure why.  For that reason though, it dropped a star.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, for the violence alone I would say a four.  I would still be comfortable with a preteen reading it.  General.svg

This book is out now- let me know what you think!

Link to book:

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