Ink and Bone, Lisa Unger

Ink and bonespolier alertTitle: Ink and Bone

Author: Lisa Unger


Genre: Thriller /mystery

Part of a Series?  It doesn’t say- but I do feel like it is, tied in with all the Hollow books.

Release Date: 6-7-2016

                I am a huge fan of Lisa Unger, having read her work for the past decade.  Starting with Beautiful Lies I have read everything of hers I could find.  That said, I may be a bit biased.  Ink and Bone almost slipped by me- I had no idea we were gearing up for another novel (though I ought to have considering the novellas about the Hollows came not too long ago, along with Crazy Love You).  Unger owns a piece of my heart because her writing style is always spot on.  Every time I think I know the answer… I missed something.  The characters are always interesting and the plot is always unique and slightly twisted.  I love it!

                In Ink and  Bone you get to revisit some of the characters in other books- Eloise Montgomery, the town Medium, her mentor Agatha, and PI Jones Cooper.  Eloise’s granddaughter takes center stage in this one.  Finley has come to live in the Hollows with her grandmother to go to school, and to get a hold of her gifts.  It doesn’t work the way Eloise’s does, and Finley isn’t even sure she wants it to work at all.  All she knows is she has to get a hold of her powers and her life.  She wasn’t making good decisions back home, and one of them decided to follow her here.  She loved Rainer, always would, but were they right together?  Sometimes it just seemed like they brought out the worst in one another.

                When Cooper comes to Eloise for help on a case he has taken about a missing girl it isn’t Eloise that has the answers, but Finley.  Working together, they uncover a terrible crime and with the help of friends they are able to bring peace to a family.  There isn’t a completely happy ending, there is loss and pain.  Forgiveness.  The Hollows takes what it is owed, whether we want to pay the price or not.

                Let’s talk about what I loved!  I loved Finley, and her idea behind her ink.  I truly love Rainer, the once bad boy that is trying to reform for her.  If I were to do a “man crush Monday”, it would be him.  He is imperfect, but loving.  He listens and he cares.  He would do anything, go anywhere for Finley.  He owns to his mistakes and I feel like he is a great man, or if not yet he will be soon.  I loved  all the different plot twists.  I really liked that much of the time I had it all wrong.  (Maybe that’s just me?)

                There isn’t really anything I didn’t love here.  I thought that the story was great and I loved the parts that Finley and Eloise played in it.  I cannot wait for the next book (as we already kinda set it up, there better be one).  Obviously this is a five star book for me.Five Stars

                The book is out- go get it!

                On the adult content scale, there’s rather a lot.  I am going to say a seven.  Violence, substance abuse, language, sexual content… the works.Parental Guidance

Link to book:

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