What’s New Wednesday Week 7

nature_floweringtreedabsxn1w.jpgHi guys!  Today is national nature photography day, I found this one on Google Images, where I find a great number of my picks.  I just thought it was really lovely!  Personally, I love pictures like this.

What’s new with me?

  More of my Family is in town now.  Aunt Janice and my cousin Kiara just got in.  I am excited to see everyone!  Emotionally, this has been a very stressful week for me what with all the craziness in the news.  I have been a bit low, I won’t lie.  But I am trying to bounce back up.Oh, and I am now over 1,000 books read on Goodreads (I joined July of 2011 and cannot remember how many books I put in as books I had read.  I think I got bored doing that pretty quick.)

   One non-bookish fact about me:  I love the smell of coffee, but can’t drink it.  I prefer tea and have a whole cabinet full of different ones.

What’s new in the news:

  • A star is lost: Christina Grimmie was shot Friday 6-10-2016.  Her brother, Marcus was there and heroically tackled the shooter (Kevin James Loibl) before he could do more damage.  The shooter shot himself.  Even though Grimmie  was quickly taken to the hospital she did not make it.  I loved this girl- she was so talented and sweet.  I watched her youtube channel, and I rooted for her on the voice.  It pains me for any life to be cut so short- she was only 22.  Christina, though… I had such hopes for her career.  Listening to that girl sing… it was transcendent.  My heart goes out to the family, especially Marcus.  I cannot imagine what you are going through.  Read story here.
  • Prayers for Pulse Victims: The Dalai Lama, promoting a peace building campaign, led a silent prayer for the victims of the Pulse shooting.  Read story here

What’s New in Books?

good night beautiful womenGood night beautiful women is a collection of short stories about women in coastal New England.  Filled with pain, and sometimes redemption, this book sounds amazing!



I want to sign off with a couple links to things I loved by Christina Grimmie.

Christina Grimmie With Love

Christina Grimmie Find Me

See you guys next week!



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