Reconstructing Amelia,Kimberly McCreight

Reconstructiing Ameliaspolier alertTitle: Reconstructing Amelia

Author: Kimberly McCreight

Pages: 382

Genre: Mystery

Part of a series?  No

Publish Date: 4-02-2013

After reading Where They Found Her I fell in love with McCreight’s writing style.  She goes back and forth between two main characters in this novel- Amelia and her workaholic mother Kate.  Even though Kate is never home, the two have a special love for one another and Amelia knows her mom loves her.  She’s a good girl- never late for school, an academic overachiever and book lover.  She is content with her best friend Sylvia and her new online friend Ben.

Sylvia is  a bit self centered and boy crazy, but she loves Amelia.  All the boys, though, make Amelia wonder what’s going on with herself.  Shouldn’t she have crushes?  That is, until she gets tapped by one of Grace Hall’s groups, the Magpies.  There she gets to know the beautiful Dylan.  Amelia quickly falls head over heals for the other girl and will do anything to keep her- even staying in a group that she knows is not a good or healthy environment.  As things with the Maggies spiral out of control, Amelia tries desperately to keep herself above water without sacrificing the girl she loves.

When tragedy strikes and Amelia is found broken on the grounds of Grace Hall, it is ruled a suicide.  But was it really?  A text from an blocked number brings Kate out of her depression and into crisis mode.  What if her daughter didn’t kill herself?  Working with Detective Thompson (Lew) she unravels the last few weeks of her daughters life.

I loved Amelia, even when she made bad choices.  It was impossible not to love this sweet young woman!  I grieved for her along side her mother.  The flow of the story, jumping from (past and present) Kate to Amelia was easy to keep up with, and came together beautifully for a creepy look at what it is to be a student at Grace Hall.  The book was wonderfully suspenseful and filled with surprises that I enjoyed.

What I did not like, was that so much of the Maggies remained very static.  The secret societies in school that even the teachers are hushed up on?  It was borderline believable but I didn’t care for it.  This is an issue because it is a pivotal part of the novel.  Because I feel like all that could have been done a wee bit better this will not be listed as one of my absolute favorite novels.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, you have language, bullying, some sexual content though not terribly explicit.  While this reads like a YA novel, I wouldn’t go too very young.  Parental Guidance

This book is out- go get it!

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