Once Upon a Moonlit Night, Elizabeth Hoyt

once upon a moonlit nightspolier alert

Title: Once Upon a Moonlit Night

Author: Elizabeth Hoyt

Pages: …. My ebook edition says 1434…. I know that’s wrong.  Good reads says 4.  Also wrong. ??

Genre: historical fiction

Part of a series? Yes, the Maiden Lane series #10.5

Publish date: July 5th, 2016

                I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing).  I would first like to thank both for this opportunity.  I will begin by saying that if you haven’t read Duke of Sin yet, you may want to.  This novella pics up during one of the things that happen in that book.  Now, there is still enough information to get by with this book alone if desired, but I really liked having the villian’s perspective.  That said, let’s make with the goods!

                Hippolyta Royle, one of the richest heiresses in the ton, is having a really bad day.  Kidnapped from her bed, she was dragged to the Duke of Montgomery’s holdings and locked up there so that she would be ruined and have to marry him.  Luckily, her friend rescues her and they escape on horseback.  Unluckily, she is thrown from her horse.  She can hear the duke and his hounds searching for her.  Scared, dirty, and with only the money her friend gave her for a mail coach, she flags down a coach on the road. 

                Enter Mathew Mortimer, the new Earl of Paxton and owner of a large amount of debt.  Called back from exploring India when his cousin died, Matt doesn’t quite know what he’s going to do yet.  When the filthy woman tells him she needs help, he doesn’t believe her for a minute.  One, who would name her kid that? Two, look at her.  She is an actress or a whore, not part of the ton.  Still, against his better judgement he takes her to the inn at the next town.  Leaving her there, he goes on; but his conscience won’t keep quiet. 

                Returning for her, he finds her in danger and promises himself that he will get her to London.  Thrown together for the journey, the two get close and Hippolyta falls for Matt.  But how does he feel about her?  When they are caught together at an inn, the question is moot and she finds herself married.  Loving Matt, she worries about him feeling trapped.  When a figure from her past starts blackmailing her, she fears it is all over.  Can she trust in Matt’s feelings? 

                I loved this book.  It was short and sweet, with a lot of humor.  The writing was well done, smart and fast paced.  Both Hippolyta and Matt are great, well rounded characters and their relationship is wonderful to watch.  There really wasn’t anything I didn’t like.  Five Stars!Five Stars

Due to the sexual content, I would give this book a seven on the adult content scale.  adult content road sign

The book comes out July 5th 2016, be ready!

Link to book:

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