To Have and To Hold, Lauren Layne

To Have and To Holdspolier alertTitle: To Have and To Hold

Author: Lauren Layne

Pages: 384

Genre: contemporary romance

Part of a Series?  Yes, book #1 in The Wedding Belles

Release Date:  July 26th, 2016

                I received an advanced copy of To Have and To Hold from Netgalley and Pocket Books.  I really enjoyed this book!  The characters were interesting and multi-faceted, the story was great and the writing style worked really well.  There are two character point of views that lead different chapters respectively.  I actually like that a lot- when done correctly (i.e. you can tell where one ends and the other begins right away), it is a wonderful tool to get real insight into multiple characters. 

                This book revolves around Brook Baldwin and Seth Tyler.  Brook has come to New York to escape her past.  No one in California wanted to work with a wedding planner whose own wedding was broken up by the FBI.  Landing in one of the premier companies in New York, The Wedding Belles, she is ready to put all of that behind her.  She has a reputation to salvage!    When her first client is Maya Tyler, heiress to Tyler Hotels, she is so excited.  The bride is wonderful, excited and kind.  The groom is smitten… the brother is an ass.  Too bad, because he’s hot.  Seth Tyler is used to being in control of everything.  As the new CEO of Tyler Hotels he understands well how to keep everything in order and doesn’t like not having information.  When his little sister Maya tells him she is getting married to a man she has been dating three months, he tries not to flip out.  His gut tells him that this is wrong- there’s something going on.  He decides to be part of the planning in hopes of discovering something about the groom to put a stop to this.  He wants to enlist Brook’s help, but can he trust her to go against her own interests?  Plus it doesn’t help that he wants her. 

                As the two butt heads, sparks fly.  The more Brook learns about Seth the more she likes him, but is she ready for a relationship?  Seth, too, has been burned and doesn’t really want to do complicated.  The thing is, he can’t get her out of his mind.  How can he stop a wedding, and convince Brook that she belongs with him?

                I liked this book a lot.  The characters, including the supporting characters were well developed and really interesting.  I can’t wait to read each of their stories!  Brook’s issues, while over the top were still believable and she was a very lovable character.  I will admit that without the chapters from his view, Seth would have been a hard sell for me.  He was arrogant and controlling, but you saw a lot of vulnerability in him too.  While he made mistakes, he owned them and he did them for the best reasons.    I do wish I had had more time with Maya…. But maybe I will see her again in her own book (please!).   Still, there really weren’t any writing issues or parts to dislike.  Five stars!Five Stars

On the Adult Content Scale, I have to give it a nine.  The sex scenes were very explicit, and long.  Really long.

This book comes out July 26th, 2016- keep an eye out, if you like contemporary romance you won’t want to miss this one!

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