Intrusion, Mary McCluskey… DNF

Intrusionspolier alert

Title: Intrusion

Author: Mary McCluskey


Genre: mystery/ suspense

Part of a Series? No

Publish Date? July 1, 2016

This is my Kindle First choice for the month.  The blurb sounds great (someone give these guys a bonus- seriously!).  Kat and Scott Hamilton are grieving over the loss of their son, Christopher.  While Scott throws himself into work, Kat can’t function.  At all.  She leaves her job and can barely leave home.  When an old school friend comes back into Kat’s life,  she seems sweet and earnest ready to reunite with her old friend.  Sarah has become a very rich widow and seems to have everything she ever wanted.  There is just one more thing.  Sarah has an agenda….

To be honest, I got to page 80 and just couldn’t continue.  I can’t get into the book.  While the premise of the story sounds really interesting, the execution- atleast for the first third of the book- seems lacking.  I hate putting a book on the DNF shelf and have only ever done that twice before in my life.  I may, in time come back to this one, but for now… no.

Here were my main issues:

  1. Kat, the grieving mother, was very one note.  I understand her grief, but it didn’t ring true for me.  Instead she seemed… petulant.
  2. It was a really slow to start.

I would love to hear what anyone else thinks of thinks of the book.  As I said, I may go back to the book at a later date and I will add that review then.  I would like to end this with one question- is a  post like this okay?  Should I even talk about the books I don’t finish?  I don’t imagine that it will happen often.

Link to the book:

Amazon Kindle




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