Top Ten Tuesday- Favorite releases so far for 2016!

toptentuesday2Top Ten Tuesday is one of my favorite weekly memes, hosted by The Broke and The bookish.  This week we are going for the top ten favorite releases this year so far. Many on my list, I am sure, will come as no surprise.  Let’s begin! In no particular order, my favorite releases of 2016 have been:


  1. Love in Lowercase, Francesc Miralles.  Samuel is a lonely linguist professor stuck in a rut.  He doesn’t go out or really see anyone.  Has no desire to.  When an uninvited guest of the feline persuasion shows up and turns his life around he is unready for the upheaval of his new life.  Geeze I loved this book! Love in Lowercase, Francesc Miralles (That’s my full review there).
  2. Keep Me Posted, Liza Beazley.  Sisters Cassie and Sid Sunday make a pact to be better at the whole correspondence thing.  They decide to reconnect “the old fashioned way” via written letters.  When Cassie, the organizational queen, decides to start scanning and saving letters- hers and Sids- things go a bit haywire.  Somehow all their letters are posted on line! Full Review: Keep Me Posted, by Lisa Beazley
  3. Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare: New Shadowhunter series!  Really, need I say more?  Full Review: Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare
  4. The Watcher in the Wall, Owen Laukkanen. Stevens and Windmere are back!!! This time is more personal, though.  Stevens’ daughter is distraught over the suicide of one of her classmates.  Looking into the incident unveils an online suicide club.  Full review:  The Watcher in the Wall, Owen Laukkanen.
  5. The 15th affair, James Patterson.  I love these books!  Lyndsay boxer is on the case for a murder in a hotel and the disappearance of the key witness.  When she sees Joe lurking in security footage her life begins to unravel. Full review: 15th Affair, James Patterson
  6. Highly Illogical Behavior, John Corey Whaley. Solomon is agoraphobic.  He hasn’t left his house in three years, yet seems to have figured out how to do everything he needs.  Homeschooling, family time, and star trek are a large part of his life.  Over ambitious Lisa needs a paper topic guaranteed to get her into the second best psychology program for college.  Why not help Solomon?  She remembers him from way back, and remembers “the incident”. Curing Solomon would help him.. right?  Plus, what college committee could overlook something like this? Full review: Highly Illogical Behavior, John Corey Whaley.
  7. The Eagle Tree, Ned Hayes: A first hand look at being an autistic teen.  While fiction, I feel like the narrator was perfect and the story was just amazing! Full Review: The Eagle Tree, Ned Hayes
  8. Deliver Her, Patricia Perry Donovan.  On Alex Carmody’s sixteenth birthday disaster strikes.  Her best friend is lost in a car accident.  Alex is floundering, cutting class and hanging out with a bad group.  To save her, her mother decides to get her transport to a boarding school against her husband’s wishes. When Alex goes missing enroute, will Meg be able to live with the results?  Full review:  Deliver Her, Patricia Perry Donovan.
  9. Ladivine, Marie NDiaye.  Four generations of women in a beautiful, haunting novel.  I won’t go too far into it… but I loved it! Full review:Ladivine, Marie NDiaye
  10. Ink and Bone, Lisa Unger.  Finley has to help PI Cooper Jones with a case of a missing little girl.  Being able to see and hear spirits has never been super helpful to Fin who is still hearing to control the powers. In this case, though, it may just save a life.  Full review: Ink and Bone, Lisa Unger

Really, I could go on.  There have been so many awesome books this year!!!



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