What’s new Wednesday, Week 8

What’s new with me?

            Hi guys!  Today is chocolate éclair day- don’t forget to celebrate!  This week kind of flew by for me.  The O’hana is still here, so we have been playing a lot of games and eating too much.  It’s been great!  My aunt gave me some pretty jewelry- I have a weakness for necklaces!  There was a pearl pendant, a pair of multi-colored jade earrings, and a mystic fire topaz.  We also went through the things that she is starting to sell- snap jewelry!  It’s so neat!  You get your piece- bracelet, pendant or earrings- and you can choose different buttons that snap into them so that they are interchangeable.  I bought a pendant on a pretty black ribbon and my first snap, a white glass bead with blue roses.

I also got my highlights retouched, but am coming to terms with the results.  I assumed that it would be the same color as the first time… I didn’t really understand how it works  I guess.  There are now multiple hues and some are very light.  Some also seem to have an almost green cast under the blonde… I hope I am imagining this.

And of course, I could not stay away from the book store.  for the low low price of of $.75 I bought:

  1. The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffengger
  2. Me & Emma, Elizabeth Flock
  3. The Jester, James Patterson

A non-bookish fact about me: I am obsessed with Disney movies- though mostly the old ones.  Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Tarzan, the Jungle Book, Oliver and Company….

What’s new in News:

In New Orleans social media use and texting are banned while driving.  To try to keep this under control they have raised fees from $175 for a first offense to $500.  I hope this works, because it really is scary what you see on the road anymore.  It’s just so dangerous.  Not that the phone is the only thing distracting us while driving.  I have seem ladies finishing their makeup on the road- mascara.. how do you do that?  I was beside a woman reading a hard back novel while driving down the busiest street in town.  It just makes no sense to me.

What’s new in books?

  • SummerlostSummerlost, Ally Condie.  This book came out in March for young readers.  When Cedar Lee looses her father and brother in a car accident she and the rest of her family are searching for ways to deal with their grief.  A new friend helps her find her feet again.  This book sounds just lovely!  I am really interested in it.  Has anyone read it?  Buy the book here

That’s it for this week.  What’s new with you?



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