Avengers, Volume One: Avengers World

Avengersspolier alertTitle: Avengers World

Author: Jonathan Hickman

Illustrator: Stefano Caselli

Pages: 152

Genre: action/ some sci fi elements.  Comics

Part of a series: Yes, this has comics 1-6 of Avengers World

Publish date: 3/4/2014



I decided to pick this one up from the library as an initial foray into the Avengers (besides the movies).  If I wasn’t already somewhat familiar with the characters there would have been enough information for me to understand what was going on and get a feel for them- but barely.  In their defense there was a lot to go into.

We begin with Tony Stark talking to Steve Rogers.  The two are picking up from an old conversation about restarting the Avengers.  We get to see them with Black Widow, Thor, Hawk Eye and The Hulk.  Not going to lie, I love these characters- especially The Hulk.

The world is in danger and the above mentioned Avengers go to Mars to stop a brother and sister from destroying man kind with their brand of help.  All but Captain America are incapacitated and Captain America is sent back.  He amasses the others that he and Tony had talked about.  Captain Marvel, Wolverine, The Falcon and many more.  Together they save the others and put a stop to the siblings.

I loved this as a first glance into the Avenger’s universe.  The team is interesting and complex with a lot of different attitudes that should make them interesting.  I wish there had been more about each character, but this is a comic so there’s room constraint.  Also, this is just the beginning of the series and if I can find more, I am sure it will do well for character development over time.  Not bad for an introduction.  Four Stars

So, if I have any comic aficionados here please let me know is this the best arc to begin with?  For the Avengers I mean?  I think it will be for me.

The comic has been out some time, go check it out!

As far as  the adult content goes, violence but not as much as one would think.  I give it a three.   General.svg



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