The Season, Jonah Lisa Dyer

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Title: The Season

Author: Jonah Lisa Dyer

Pages:  326

Genre: YA, some romance.

Part of a series? No.

Publish Date: July 12th, 2016

I received an advanced copy of this book from First To Read for the price of an honest review.  Megan McKnight is the hard as nails soccer player.  She is a bit crass and eats too much, caring only for her history major, soccer, and her family.  When it is time to post the Blue Bonnet Debutantes for the year, her sister Julia is an obvious choice.  Smart and sweet, Julia is also gorgeous and loves all things girly- a perfect fit.  What doesn’t fit, is the other name in the list.  Hers. 

                When fighting her parents on this matter proves useless, she begins to see what this means to her parents.  She isn’t heartless after all… but she refuses to give up soccer.  How hard can it be to do both?  I mean the season is just some parties, right?

                Riding to orientation tea with her dress flying behind her and a tiara glued to her helmet might have been embarrassing enough, but she mistakes ultra-rich Andrew Gage as a hot valet.  So… not a great start.  Already late, she rips her dress and has to do quick repairs with a stapler.  As one can imagine, first impressions did not go well.  Told to back out at every turn, Megan only becomes more obstinate.  She can do this- it means something to her mother and father.  She will do this. 

                As the season progresses, Megan learns a lot from the classes and other debutantes plus those helping her.  She grows from a self-centered girl to a lady, always remembering what is important to her.  There are snags along the way, though.  Not only can Megan do well getting in her own way, but there is the guy she likes (two really, but the other one’s a jerk).  Hank seems great- sweet funny and really into her.  When he starts trying to help her parents sell the ranch land off to be built into houses, Megan is over the moon.  This is just what the family wanted.  But things aren’t always what they seem.  When Julia runs into a scandal and has to leave the debutantes, Megan is alone in a society that she never had any use for.  Andrew Gage goes from being smart and sweet to a jerk in moments, plus if what Hank says is true, he isn’t to be trusted.

                When everything comes tumbling down and Megan realizes that she has been used, can she salvage everything and remain a lady?  And is there still a prince waiting in the wings for this princess?

                So I loved this book.  I loved that there were so many times through the story where you could see the characters coming up with their opinions of one another- often erroneous.   I loved tough Megan and sweet Julia.  I really loved Anne.  The cast of characters here was just so amazing!  The story was interesting and well written.    I found it interesting to see the lengths that Megan went through to try to keep her worlds together.  Watching her grow was amazing.

                I did not like how some of the issues that seemed major just kind of got swept aside in an almost magical step.  Boom- the contract is gone.  Boom- Hank is gone.  Boom- the plans for the ranch are changed and everyone is happy.  She fought for endless paragraphs about a curtsey and these things get barely a paragraph?  Maybe it’s just me.  I did really like the book though, and give it four stars.  Four Stars

On the adult content scale, I give it a five.  There is some sexual content- done tastefully, language, violence and alcohol.  mature audience.  Teens, yes- but not thirteen… more like 17 and up?

This book comes out 07-12-2016.  I highly recommend it!

Link to book:

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