My dream of owning a library

When I was little I wanted a library. Books were magical to me, always.  They were so precious! I would dream of a home lined with book shelves so full they spilled to the floor. Beautiful hard back novels, paperbacks, cookbooks. I wanted large text books on literature and mythology, an encyclopedia set, and a dictionary and thesaurus. I am a bit hard on books, so they would be imperfect, well read…. the adult me would live in her own library!
Adult-me understands room constraints, fire hazards and the pain in the ass that is moving hundreds of books from home to home. She also has to cohabitate with a husband that also has a bunch of stuff. Thus due to limited space many of my paper books are in storage.
Have no fear, I still have my library. It just isn’t the one I dreamed of. Over the last decade I have amassed 700 ebooks through KOBO, Nook and Kindle. I love that I can have my stories so close. I adore that neither Warren nor I are breaking our backs moving these books. It is very nearly everything I dreamed of as a girl….
It saddens me,though, that I will never sit in a nice recliner and stare at the beauty of my amassed books, never touch the spine, inhale the scent. I will also never be able to easily share these books, unless I hand my friend my device. I can’t hand Aunt Janis my copy of I Shall Not Hate to read on her way to California. On the other hand I also won’t be rebuying my favorite book seven times over the years (I did that, before Ebooks…. Eva Luna by Isabel Allende. My eBook was my eighth copy of that book and only two were given to others. I would read it so often spines would snap and pages fall out.)
I do wish it were easier to share my library, but I am sane enough to realize that a digital library is the only way I can safely and sanely collect all the books I want.


*****UPDATE***** I forgot about my archived library from Nook.  There were roughly 500 books there, so the number is more like 1,200 books.  I thought that first number was low… On the plus side, I was apparently in a group lawsuit I forgot about and got back money from Apple, Barnes and Nobles and Kobo.  Let’s just say I have a good amount of book money to feed my addiction.


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