A World Without You,

a world without youspolier alert

Title: A World Without You

Author:  Beth Revis

Pages: 384

Genre: YA

Part of a series? No

Release Date: July 19th, 2016

                I received an advanced copy of this book from First To Read.  I was so excited to read this book- the premise was just amazing!  It was to the point where I worried that the actual book would disappoint me… I had such high expectations.  If anything, the book exceeded them.  A World Without You blends reality and fiction with such a deft hand that there are times where you, who know the truth, begin to wonder.  It is deep and intricate, beautifully written… I’m gushing aren’t I?  My Apologies.

                Bo is a student at Brookshire Academy in Massachusetts.  It is special insofar as it breaks students into groups that will have their classes and therapy together.   Ryan is a narcissist, Harold is quiet-weak- and has difficulty interacting with people often found in the corner talking to himself.  Gwen is a pyromaniac with trust issues.  Then there’s Sofia… sunk into depression after the loss of her mother and sisters in a car accident.  Bo likes it here, feels more in control of himself, safer.  He falls for Sofia hard.

                When Sofia commits suicide Bo breaks.  There is a world of delusion where he has powers, they all do (which is why they need the special school, to help them learn to control their powers).  He can control time- or at least the past.  One day he takes Sofia back in time with him and loses her there.  He has to figure out how to get back there and save her!  But everyone at school is acting like she committed suicide.  As Bo tries to fix everything, things get worse.  He loses track of time- days, weeks.  Things come to light that make him realize that his reality, where he has powers and can have Sofia….well, it may not be the real reality.  When given the chance to keep his delusional state, to keep Sofia and his powers, or to join the real world which will he choose?  How can he move forward?

                I loved this book!  Each character was special and unique.  I especially loved Bo and Phobe.  Neither really know what to do with the other, having never been close.  Phoebe has always felt the need to be perfect- the good daughter, straight A student, well rounded and ready for college.  Her parents wouldn’t be able to handle two broken children.  The only thing that scares her is Bo- his issues and instability.  She doesn’t know how to help him, can’t control him.  That scares her.  Bo, on the other hand, always saw her as self-absorbed, never really caring about him.  For his part he never knew how to reach his sister that he always saw as this spinning, busy thing.  Their care for one another is touching in each of their parts, their worry and fear.  It pained me that they could not see it in one another. 

                There was nothing to dislike in this book- the story was told artfully and the cast of characters were perfection.  I often found myself lost in Bo’s fantasy.  Honestly I thought it was masterfully done.Five Stars

                On the adult content scale I give it a three.  There are some deep issues about depression, suicide and mental illness; but so long as that is understood ahead of time I would give this to a preteen without fear.  General.svg

                This book comes out 7-19-2016.  Go get it!

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