The Games, James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

the Gamesspolier alertTitle: The Games

Author: James Patterson, Mark Sullivan

Pages: 400

Genre: Mystery/ PI

Part of a Series: Yes, number 11.

Released: June 27th, 2016.

Rio is gearing up to host the Olympic Games.  So many are excited, and people from all over the world are coming in to see the games.  A new stadium has even been built!  While all this is going on there are groups of volunteers in the Favelas helping the poor.  Two volunteers are kidnapped amid gunfire that kills their Private bodyguards.  The twin girls are gone without a trace leaving Jack Morgan to make some phone calls.

When Private Investigations was hired not only to help with security for the games, but to keep an eye on the Wise twins.  Losing two heiresses is just about as bad as it gets right?  Wrong.  The parents come to Rio and the father is ordered to be the one to deliver ransom.  Everything goes smoothly, until it doesn’t.  Somehow Andy Wise gets kidnapped during the exchange.  A group calling themselves Favela Justice is taking credit for the kidnapping and using it to put him “on trial” for the “rape and persecution of Brazil’s poor through his company’s profiteering” (they were the company to sell much of what went into the stadium.

This is enough to make a story right?  Wrong, the Private series often has more than one competing storyline.  Enter a jaded doctor who had lost his family tragically.  The one who discovered a terrible disease two years ago and got hushed up because the politicians didn’t want it getting out.  For years he has been gearing up toward this moment, working on a strain of the same virus he discovered until it was much more deadly.  Once released, even the government will not be able to hush this up!  It’s so corrupt- only the rich getting help.

As Morgan and his lover/ head of Private Rio Tavia rush to put a stop to all of this lives will be lost and Private will change forever.

As I have said before, Private is not my favorite series.  It always seems to be a bit of a jumble to me.  I really felt like it was finding it’s footing with Private Paris… but this one was a step in the wrong direction for me.  I understand the need for Tavia the love interest…. and I agree that a good action suspense has a lot going on at one time…. but this got ridiculous.  It was choppy and disjointed in parts where others were predicable.  I fear this was not his best work.  Three Stars.

On the adult content scale, I would give it a five.  Sexual content, violence and language.  mature audience.

The book is out now, if you liked the rest of the Private series this one is very similar in type.

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