What’s New Wednesday Week 9

What’s new with me?

IMG_20150825_133444.jpgMy cat Sassy Britches is either a genius or dumb as a box of rocks.  She has learned to hide and then start crying like she is sick/stuck.  This is apparently my husband’s cue to go around the house searching for her.  Once found he picks her up, calls her a “pretty kitty” and takes her to his desk chair where he gives her treats.  He calls it playing Marco Polo.  My cat has trained my husband to play hide and seek with her for a reward.  That said, she often dives under the covers and forgets how to get out.  This is also the cat that has nearly burned her whiskers off trying to get close to a candle (we don’t have those anymore) and singed her fur by wrapping herself against a portable heater (we also don’t have these anymore).  The icing on the cake, though, today she leapt onto our toilet (she liked sitting on the one in the guest bath because the lid is always down- ours is not).  When she discovers she is above water, she gives us a “I meant for this to happen” look and tries to make herself comfortable while contorting her body around the seat.  At one point she is stretched over the bowl trying to figure things out while I wait to save/ bathe her.  She figured it out, but it was hilarious.  That probably counts as my non bookish fact too- I own a really stupid (or smart) cat.

What’s new in the news?

  • LGBT friendly destinations: The New York Times has pieced together a list of locals that are safe and friendly.  While I disagree with the necessity, and worry that this may put a target on the establishments backs, I am glad that the story was written. Read full story here.

What’s new in Books:

The Invisible Life of Ivan IsaenkoThe Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko By Scott Stambach is coming out Auguest 9th.  Thanks to Netgalley I have received an advanced copy.  This boy was born deformed and left to spend his life at a hospital in Russia where he can do little more than be smart and terrorize everyone.  His life is upended by the admittance of a young woman that he doesn’t believe belongs there.  Polly is perfect- save for illness.  She doesn’t belong with what he considers the freaks.  He gorws to love Polly and losing her hits him hard.  This is the story of his life.  I am so excited to read it!

So that’s it for me, what’s new with you?




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