Batman: Arkham Asylum, Grant Morrison

Title: Batman: Arkham Asylum A serious house on serious Earth Author: Grant Morrison, illustrator: Dave McKean Pages: 216 pages (I found the 15th anniversary edition with bonus features) Genre:  graphic novel, suspense. Part of a series?  While part of the Batman Universe, this is a stand alone novel. Published: January 11th, 2005 The inmates have … More Batman: Arkham Asylum, Grant Morrison

Please Enjoy Your Happiness, Paul Brinkley-Rogers

Title: Please Enjoy Your Happiness Author: Paul Brinkley-Rogers Pages:  284 Genre: memoir Part of a series?  No. Published:  Goodreads says it came out in January but Netgalley has it down for August 2nd, 2016.                 This is a story of coming of age during as a sailor in the navy. It is about growing up, … More Please Enjoy Your Happiness, Paul Brinkley-Rogers