June Wrap Up!!!!

It’s that time again!  June flew by me, and now it is time for the wrap up.  Let’s start with the book I DNF:

1.Intrusion, by Mary McCluskey.  A husband and wife pick up the shattered pieces of their world after their son dies.  The husband dives into work but the wife can’t cope.  She does nothing- goes nowhere.  When an old friend comes back into her life, they seem very well meaning and maybe just what she needs to get herself together.  This old friend, though, has an ulterior motive.  Why didn’t I finish it?  Read review here.

And now for the main event- What did Amber read?

  1. My Sister’s Secrets, Tracey Buchanan.  Willow comes back to her parents’ home to clean up and get things squared away.  When she gets there with her Aunt Hope, she finds that she had been invited to an art exhibit by some guy in her mother’s past.  As she delves deeper, trying to get a firm idea of the life her parents lead, she finds out about a third sister no one ever talks about.  The book is riddled with mystery, sadness and love.  I thoroughly enjoyed it! Five Stars Read review here.
  2. Smoke, Dan Vyleta.  What if everything you learned about ethics and the way the world worked was a lie?  History was rewritten just to keep the status quo.  How far would you go to get answers?  How do you start a Revolution?  Our intrepid trio are about to find out.  Five StarsRead review here.
  3. Little Girl Gone, Gerry Schmitt.  A wealthy couple’s baby is abducted and it is up to Minneapolis PD to get her back.  Afton Tangler is the family liason and it is her job to take care of the family’s emotional needs.  As she moves with the head detective to solve the case, she becomes more and more involved with solving the investigation.  Can they get to the little girl before it’s too late?  Four Stars I felt like there were some procedural issues I couldn’t get past.  Little Girl Gone,Gerry Schmitt
  4. Duke of Sin, Elizabeth Hoyt. Bridget Crumb gets herself a job as the housekeeper for the absent Valentine Napier, Duke of Montgomery.  While she takes the job very seriously, she has an ulterior motive.  The man is blackmailing a couple people she cares about and she has to find the items and deliver them to their rightful owners before he can come home and make their lives difficult.  Unfortunately, the day she finds an incriminating miniature the Duke comes out of hiding and finds her there… as the weeks go by the two butt heads.  The problem is, Bridget is not only attracted to Val, she likes him.  That makes it a lot harder to delve into his blackmail schemes.  Four Stars– I just couldn’t like Val.  Read review here.
  5. Firefly Summer, Nan Rossiter.  Four Sisters: Sailor, Piper, Remy and Birdie, enjoyed an idyllic childhood with parents that loved them and a little brother they adored.  On the night before his eighth birthday, tragedy strikes and Easton is lost.  Decades later, each sister is still trying to make peace with the past and their present.  I loved this book!  Five StarsRead full review here.
  6. Cross Kill, James Patterson.  Alex Cross is back in this great Bookshot.  A gun man opens fire on him and his friends as they volunteer at a soup kitchen.  Sampson and the nuns are hit, Alex gets a good look at the shooter.  That’s the problem though, the shooter is supposed to be dead by a decade.  Faced with the notion of Gary Soneji coming back for him, can Cross keep it together?  Five Stars. Read review here.
  7. Zoo 2, James Patterson.  The action packed sequel to Zoo in bookshot form.  Animals are still waging war with humans- and winning.  Everyone is afraid to leave their homes.  What could be worse?  What if whatever disease is here could spread to humans?  Four Stars Read review here.
  8. Ink and Bone, Lisa Unger.  Unger is one of my go-to authors.  I just love her writing style!  In this one Finley has come to the Hollows to visit her grandmother and learn about her gifts- she can see and hear ghosts.  Teaming up with the town private investigator, she tries to help find a missing girl.  What they uncover is so much more than they thought to find.  Five Stars  Read review here.
  9. Reconstructing Amelia, Kimberly McCreight.  A single mother loses her daughter in what appears to be a suicide.  Trying to get her life back in order, Kate is shocked when she starts getting texts telling her it wasn’t suicide.  She has to know the truth!  As she and officer Lou work together to unravel her daughter’s last days, will she be strong enough to handle what she finds?  Four Stars  Read reviews here.
  10. Once Upon a Moonlit Night, Elizabeth Hoyt.  After fleeing her kidnapper, Hippolyta Royle is not at her best.  She is dressed in next to nothing, dirty, tired and wet.  When she flags down a coach and asks for a ride, Mathew Mortimer doesn’t believe her for a minute… but he’ll take her to the next town.  When she gets in trouble there, the two decide to carry on to London together.  The more she knows about Matt the more she likes him, but how does he feel?  When the two are caught together it is a moot point.  As his wife, can she trust him with everything?  There is still someone trying to blackmail her, that along with the love she has for Matt and not knowing his feeling…. Can the two make it work? Five Stars Read review here.
  11. To Have and To Hold, Lauren Layne.  Brook Baldwin has come to New York to put her past behind her and salvage her reputation as a wedding planner.  She has found the perfect home with one of the premiere companies in New York- The Wedding Belles.  Her first client is perfect- the sweet and lovely Maya Tyler- an heiress!  The bride is delightful, the groom seems smitten, and the brother… is an ass.  Too bad he’s hot.  Seth Tyler knows something’s up.  This guy marrying his sister doesn’t seem right.  As he tries to discover what’s going on, he becomes obsessed with his sister’s wedding planner.  Can he break up the wedding and still keep Brook?  Five Stars  Read review here.
  12. The bookshop on Rosemary Lane, Ellen Berry.  What do you do when you inherit 962 cookbooks?  You open a shop!  Della has spent the last few months doing everything for her mother Kitty, then planning her funeral while her brother and sister are busy with their lives.  That’s okay though.  She needs things to do!  Her daughter Sophie is going off to college and her relationship with her husband has fizzled a bit.  The shop seems like the perfect thing- except so many people including her husband are against it.  As Della moves through life and makes plans, we get to see her grow into a strong, beautiful woman.  Five Stars  Read review here.
  13. The Season, Jonah Lisa Dyer.  When soccer playing tomboy Megan McKnight finds out she has been entered to be one of the years Blue Bonnet Debutantes, she is livid- this is her sister Julia’s thing, not hers!  Seeing how much it means to her family she relents- on her terms.  She won’t give up soccer.  How hard can it be to do both?  I mean, a season is mostly just parties right?  As she moves through a society she barely comprehends, Megan makes some mistakes and grows a lot.  When disaster strikes it strikes hard.  Julia is mired in scandal and Megan realizes that the guy she’s been seeing has been using her.  Can she pull everything together to have the season her mother dreamed of and be true to herself?  Four Stars  Read review here.
  14. A World Without You, Beth Revis.  Bo has always been able to travel through time.  At his new school, Berkshire Academy he is grouped with others that have powers.  Ryan can control things with his mind, Gwen controls fire, Harold talks to ghosts and Sofia can become invisible.  One day Bo takes Sofia back in time and loses her there.  Or does he?  Is this reality or just a delusion?  Losing Sofia, whom Bo had come to love, shakes his world and wakes him up.  While trying to figure out ways to save Sofia, he also begins to see things that don’t make sense.  There is a parallel world where none of them have powers, but are in a school for those with exceptional needs.  A world where his Sofia committed suicide.  Which reality is real?  And if he has the choice of reality and Sofia…. What will Bo choose?  Five Stars  Read review here.
  15. The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko , Scott Stambach.  First, I bow down before the powers that are Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press.  Words cannot express my gratitude for being able to get an advanced copy of this book to read.  It was hilarious, sometimes vulgar, sweet and heartbreakingly beautiful all wrapped up in the not-so-pretty bow that was Ivan Isaenko and Polina Pushkin.  This is the story of a young man in a hospital in Belarus who had been deformed at birth and lived in Mazyr Hospital for Gravely Ill Children.  When a leukemia patient comes in, Ivan is in no way ready for Polina Pushkin.  I warn you now, this is not the sweet fuzzy novel that First Love was, nor even the Fault In Our Stars.  Stop considering this book if you can’t take perverse humor, foul language or talk of illness. Five StarsRead review here.
  16. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jenny Han.  This book has been on my radar since it came out in 2014, but I was on the fence about it.  The premise of a girls’ letters letting go of love being sent out years later is a bit of a stretch, I was afraid it would be just a bit too juvenile for my tastes.  I was wrong!  While some of it is a bit juvenile, it reads like a well done YA novel.  The premise is interesting and I liked most of the characters.  Four Stars
  17. The Games, James Patterson.  Jack Morgan is back.  Working in Rio with Tavia, he has to keep things under control for the Olympic Games.  We have kidnapping, betrayal, espionage, corrupt officials and a killer virus.  Seriously, how much can we fit in a book?  Four Stars  Read review here.

So that was June!  I can’t wait to see what  July brings!




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