P.S. I Still Love You, Jenny Han

P.S. I still love youspolier alertTitle: P.S. I Still Love You

Author: Jenny Han

Pages: 337

Genre: YA romance

Part of a series?  Yes, book two.

Published: May 26th, 2015

If you haven’t read the first book, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, you need to.  It not only gives you a detailed idea of each character and their roles, but there is a ton of back story that is alluded to here.  Lara Jean and Peter are just coming to terms with everything that happened from the letter that got sent, the pretend relationship and real feelings.  If they are doing this for real, there have to be ground rules.  Complete honesty for one.  Lara Jean has very little social skills or understanding of how things are done.  Old fashioned, she still loves the romance of the time of love letters and getting “pinned”.

Things at school aren’t going well, as a video of her and Peter making out is leaked to a popular blog.  She knows who is behind this, but Peter won’t listen.  He wants to help her, take care of her, but refuses to believe this of his ex Genevieve.  As things begin to spiral on this front, it puts a strain on Lara Jean.

Then a nearby house sells and she realized that a time capsule that the group buried was still in that back yard.  It only seems right to have the group back together to dig it up and look at everything.  It’s a bit awkward though, John was one of the group- and one of the boys that got a letter.  He received his late because he had moved, but he and Lara Jean had been writing back and forth as friends.  Then Genevieve, Peter’s ex, shows up with him.  Lara Jean feels betrayed- he’s been hanging out with Genevieve and didn’t say anything.  Peter, for his part, is jealous of John.    When the group decides to bring back an old game they used to play, Lara Jean decides that she has to win.

She and Peter aren’t spending a lot of time together, both due to the game and Lara Jean’s job at the nursing home.  She is, though, spending a lot more time with John who’s great-grandmother Stormy lives in the retirement home.  John professes feelings for Lara Jean as her relationship with Peter begins to unravel.  Who will she pick?

So, this book let me down a teeny bit.  I loved To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.  I just didn’t see a lot of growth for Lara Jean until like the last five percent of the book, and that was frustrating.  Peter, for his part, did everything all wrong and was extremely frustrating.  This could just be in character for teen romances though…. John, on the other hand, is nearly too perfect.  Lastly, the book was, to me, even more juvenile than the last- as the characters are growing up this should be the other way around.  Still, original and interesting with good character development.  Three Stars.

On the adult content scale, really there was nothing to speak of.  I mean, there was talk of sex but nothing over the top.  Also, a moderate amount of foul language.  I give it a one.  General.svg

The book has been out since May 26th, 2015.  Check it out- but read the first one!

Link to book:

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