Happy Fourth of July!

Fireworks4_amkHappy Fourth of July guys!  I both love and hate this holiday to be honest.  I am proud of my country and of those that serve it- I have had family members in air force, army and navy.  I love that we get together with friends and loved ones and celebrate the freedoms we have because of those that served.  It has always been a time for family to me.  BBQ, hanging around the pool or just having fun together.

Unfortunately, I am made nervous both by crowds and loud noises.  Fireworks, while lovely, drive me insane- and they haven’t stopped at night in days- literally, today is the fourth day.  Couple that with the fact that you get a lot of people that shouldn’t have a zippo getting drunk and playing with explosives.  Let us not forget the young man that laid on the ground and lit an m80 on his chest to “be like iron man”.  Please, be safe and responsible.

This year I was off work so my parents, husband and I all went to Branson.  It was my first time going, and I have to say the whole thing is a trip.  We did the walking cave tour and the guys went on rides while mom and I looked at shops.  Silver Dollar City is really neat!  You can watch glass blowers and blacksmiths!  I loved all the unique things to look at!  We ended the day in Branson with dinner and walking around a few more shops.  I got a strawberry salsa and peach butter.  Oh, and cashew brittle for Warren.

There were a few signs I saw along the way that just made me laugh and I thought I would show them here. I didn’t stop to get a pic, I found them on Google Images later.  Really, it was one of the best Fourth of Julys in a long time.  I hope everyone else is having fun and being safe!



Branson Stopbranson tourist trap


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