The Trial, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

the trialspolier alertTitle: The Trial

Author: James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

Pages: ? While goodreads says 144, my book from Walmart has 110 pages and ends where the eBook does, then there’s another four pages of bonus content.

Genre: mystery, thriller.

Part of a series?  Yes, this is book 15.5 of the Women’s Murder Club.

Published: 07-05-2016

First, who else was dying for this book?  I was so excited!  The last WMC book ended on a horrendous cliff hanger where you really did not know what was going on between Lyndsay and husband Joe.  If you haven’t read the other books do not pick this one up.  There is too much in the book that relies on back story and, it being a novella, there just isn’t time for enough explanation.  That said, this is very fast paced, original and exceptional.

The Kingfisher, a man in the drug cartel that plagued boxer before his supposed death, is back.  After being at the scene where two women are murdered, he is brought in.  Before he can go on trial he does something crazy and reckless- he reacts violently, threatening everyone in the courtroom.  Pandemonium ensues and they have to postpone.  When a juror and the prosecuting attorney wind up dead, it’s even worse.  Kingfisher may still be behind bars, but everyone knows he called these kills.  When it is time for the second trial attempt there is gunfire.  How will this all play out?  Lyndsay and her family, targets of Kingfisher in the past, must make hard decisions to stay safe.

To begin, obviously I loved this book.  It was well written, and even though it was really short, it packed a huge punch.  It was exciting and I loved to see the play between Lyndsay and her family.  Her relationship with Joe is still up in the air, but he does play a role in the book.  Now, I do wish we had had more time with the cartel.  I feel like there was just not enough room for the villain’s point of view- which is something I enjoy from Patterson.  All in all I still loved it and remain devoted both to the idea behind Bookshots and the WMC.  Five Stars.

On the adult content scale, there is very obviously going to be a lot of violence.  I give it a five.  adult content road sign

The book is out now, go get it but come armed having read the series.

Link to Book:

Amazon Kindle

*Keep in mind, Walmart has the paperback with the bonus scene.  It’s only four pages, but I thought it was worth it!  I have both paper copy and eBook.*



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