Little BlackDress, James Patterson and Emily Raymond

little black dressspolier alert

Title: Little Black Dress

Authors: James Patterson and Emily Raymond

Genre: erotica (basically)

Pages:  108 pages in paperback

Part of a series?  No.

Published 7-15-2016

I have to begin by saying that this is an opinion piece.  I fear I have a great many opinions on this novella.   For what it is, it is very well written.  You get a sense of the main character and several side characters very quickly, and I have to say it is never boring.  That said… it was not what I thought it was.

Jane Avery has been let down by love.  For the last sixteen months since she caught her husband cheating on her she has spent her evenings either working or at home.  As editor of Metropolitan Magazine, there is always enough work to keep her busy.  One day she is shopping and sees The Dress.  Black and slinky, sexy and still somehow classy, she feels stronger, more confident.

The new Jane is taking chances that old Jane feared.  She is flirting…. and taking men to bed.  There are very few rules- one of which is no second dates.  There’s a freelance writer from her magazine, an older gentleman, a man from an Italian grocery store, a young man and a man from a sex club.  Add to this, she is having erotic thoughts about several men, including her therapist.  With all this sex, where does the author have time to create a good plot?  Well…. there’s the rub, isn’t it?

For me, I love a good romance but there must be a balance.  A plot-to-sex ratio that is high in favor of plot.  This story, I fear was the opposite.  There was a plot-don’t get me wrong.  Girl is in an emotional rut, doesn’t date.  Sees the perfect outfit and feels freer, more confident in it.  Goes out and reclaims her sexuality.  Yeah, I get that.  But that was laid out in like eighteen pages maybe?  The rest is soft erotica.  If she isn’t doing it, she is discussing it or fantasizing about it.

I found that shocking because it is far away from what I have come to expect from my favorite author.  While Patterson has never shied from the sexual… there is usually a reason behind it or at least the above ratio.  It would be easy to blame this on Emily Raymond, say that this is her writing style… but it isn’t that.  She co-authored First Love and a Witch and Wizard book with Patterson.  Both were very well done.  All this aside… did I enjoy the book?  Yes.  Is it worth the $4.00 I spent on it?  Oh yes.  Would I read it again?  Yes (hey some of those scenes were dang sexy:).  Was it his best work?  Certainly not; but if we look at it as soft erotica… it is pretty great.  Three Stars

On the adult content scale I have to give it a nine.  Really explicit… and I feel like 50 Shades of Gray had more of a plot.

The book is out now, go check it out.  Not for kids obviously.  adult content rubber stamp

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle


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