Pierced By The Sun, Laura Esquivel

pierced by the sunspolier alertTitle: Pierced By The Sun

Author : Laura Esquivel, translated by Jordi Castells

Pages: 200

Genre: Literary fiction, some mystery

Part of a series? No
Published: July 1st, 2016


Lupita has lived a hard life.  She has overcome rape, beatings, the death of her son by her hand and jail time.  In order to cope with all of this, she often finds herself going toward alcohol.  She is in AA, knowing that that life isn’t good for her; but sometimes she falls off the wagon.

When she witnesses the murder of her favorite Delgado, this is one of those times.  Nothing makes sense.  She didn’t actually see anyone attack him- and why?  He was one of the few politicians in Mexico that wasn’t corrupt- right?  She moves toward looking for answers, while still allowing herself the self destructive habits that are her coping mechanism.  As she delves deeper and deeper into the Delgado’s death, people are coming out of the woodwork for her.  Some want her silenced, and some want to help.  Who can she trust?  And what will she do with the answers once she has them?

After a particularly bad beating where she was left for dead, she goes back to rehab only to have assassins follow her there.  Escaping, she is saved by a man and taken to somewhere safe.  As she heals from her wounds in a mostly female village, she begins to feel better.  Not just in body, but mind and soul.  The simple life the women lead here speaks to her.  It calms her soul.  Tenoch, the man that saved her and the shaman’s son, helps her to find peace at last and perhaps heal.  While much of the book was very depressing, this here saved it for me.  I see her grow in a very healthy way.  I see hope in her, not just for herself but the hope she has for her country.

Now for my thoughts. For the most part, I hated Lupita.  She was broken, with so much pain, but I hated that she would do nothing to heal herself.  To help herself.  She knew the things she did were wrong for her, but they made her forget… which is always better than dealing with things.  I know, I am being harsh…. I wanted to shake this character.  There were moments where an interesting and maybe even strong Lupita showed through.  Talking about her strengths, the time in prison, going back to rehab… even trying to get in touch with her sponsor.  But she was, and thus I was, swimming in pain and guilt and anguish.  How can you live productively if you don’t take care of these feelings?  You can’t.  And for 70% of the book, she didn’t.  You see growth, which is good.

I enjoyed the little snippets of information through out the book.  I also felt like the writing style wove and intense and interesting story.  It was beautifully seamless.  The mystery aspect with the Delgado’s death was well done as well.  I did enjoy this book, though most of it left me feeling gutted.   Three Stars

As far as the adult content scale goes… a seven.  You have sex, rape, drug abuse, corruption, alcoholism, language, violence and murder.  I dropped a few points because most of it was fairly tastefully done.mature audience.

The book came out 07-01-2016.  I recommend it… but be ready for some strong feelings.

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