Results May Vary, Bethany Chase

Results May Varyspolier alert

Title: Results May Vary

Author: Bethany Chase

Pages: 336

Genre: Chick lit?  Literary fiction, some romance

Part of a series? Not as of yet (though perhaps we will have stories for Diana and Ruby?  (Please!)

Published:  August 9th, 2016.


                I received an advanced copy of Results May Vary from First to Read.  It was touted as being stunning, insightful and engrossing- I had to have it!  Boy, it really delivered!  In this refreshing look at the end of one woman’s relationship- how she finds herself again, the way everyone else reacts, and how she comes to terms with her new world.

                Caroline has been with Adam half her life.  They know everything about  one another-Adam actually loves this.  She has a great job and a fantastic best friend.  When they go together for an art exhibit, Caroline gets more than she bargained for.  Adam- her Adam- is displayed in a photo in the back being touched by his lover.  Everything she ever thought she knew is up in smokes!  Her husband cheated!  The artist/ lover is a man!  She goes home with her friend Jonathan to figure things out.  Could this really be the end?   

                As more things come to light, she has to wonder how well she ever knew her husband.  Her sister, at loose ends, comes to live with her for a time and teach her how to go through a breakup.  The food, sadness, letting yourself go (she calls it going feral), breakup music and then beautification.  Immersing herself in work and Ruby, she slowly learns to move forward.  Her hot coworker Neil isn’t hurting matters either.  A hot widower with two girls, he asks her out.  Knowing all her baggage- and his- she can’t seem to help herself.  Life can be messy, painful even.  Yet there are times where everything ends up just where it needs to be…

                There are many reasons to love this book.  The writing style was quick and often witty while still allowing for the seriousness of the topic.  There is also a neat quote at the start of each chapter that I loved.    The play between characters was great, and each character was special and interesting.  I do sincerely hope there will be more books here. 

                As far as what I didn’t like- I had an issue with Adam.  He seemed so childlike for so much of the book.  He couldn’t talk about things with his father, hid things from Caroline.  Had this need to be adored… like a child trying to attain approval.  I did see a lot of growth in him toward the end, though, so that was nice.  I guess it makes a good book when the only objection is personal taste.  Five Stars

On the adult content scale, there is a bit.  Obviously there’s sex, swearing, infidelity and some drug/alcohol use.  All are fairly tame though.  I give it a four!  General.svg

The book comes out 8-09-2016, be ready!

Link to book:

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