What’s New Wednesday? Week 11

pokemon go

Hey guys!  It’s Wednesday and Barbershop Music Appreciation Day (yeah, it’s a thing.  I can’t make this stuff up.)  So, if you know anyone in a quartet, today’s their day.  And without further ado:

What’s new with me?

This week has kicked my butt a tiny bit.  I love my job, but as with every job there are sometimes days where one has to wonder…. Is it worth all this?  I am a firm believer that if I am paid for a job I do it with pride and integrity no matter what it is.  If you pay me to shovel shit I will shovel more shit than anyone else and thank you for the opportunity.  Just because I am a cashier doesn’t mean I don’t have pride in my job.  I learn the policies, and however the boss wants me to do my job, that’s how I do it.  It is what we are meant to do.  I don’t care if no one else does it- I can’t control them.  I owe it to my boss and company to follow directives, even if I don’t agree with them.  This week I was yelled at in front of customers for following policy.  I hate that on so many levels.  One, never in front of customers. Ever.  And two, if you don’t want your associate to follow policy… why have it?  Anyway, rant over.  Sorry guys.

What’s new in News?

Poke‘mon Go… be honest guys, who read the privacy policy?  Millions of users are running everywhere trying to “catch ‘em all”.  I myself had to wait on a woman to pay for a $300 order so that she could catch something.  (Not a fan, so I have no idea what these things are.  My coworker has informed me though that she caught a catterpee in ladies’ underwear.  Why are we doing this?)  Back to the game.  You give over your precise location, storage and cameras to play.  The company reserves the right to share the data it collects with third parties including but not limited to potential buyers and law enforcement.  Let’s also take a moment to recognize that hackers love this stuff too.  I mean it can access USB storage, network connections, contacts…. If you log in through Google this will include email.  I am not saying that other apps don’t do this- after reading the spread in today’s USA Today I will be looking over the policies for all my apps most likely.  And, honestly it is probably fine…. But it seems like a lot doesn’t it?  And why does any game need access to my gmail?

What’s new in books?

This week is not so much a new as a new to me…. I went to my local big book store and found two interesting magazines.  RT Book Reviews, issued monthly (I think) is super interesting.  There was a section on the RT Booklovers Convention (sounds like fun!) .  Next year’s will be in Atlanta May 2nd-7th.  No one can say that’s not enough notice to schedule a vacation!  This past ne saw writers Sylvia Day, Lora Leigh, Eloisa James, and Richelle Mead.  How cool would it be to have been there?

The mag also has summaries for so many books coming out in July.  My favorite summary has to be for The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reiz.  When Cooper McQueen sleeps with a beautiful woman he wakes to find he’s been robbed!  When he confronts her and demands the vintage bottle of bourbon back she claims it is rightfully hers.  Her story is of Tamara Maddox, the heiress to a powerful but twisted family.  Could the company that Cooper loves be steeped in corruption, vengeance and blood?  What can you do to right wrongs done so long ago?

Then there’s In Twenty Years by Allison Winn Scotch.  Told in multiple perspectives this is a story about a group of six that, after graduating college, promise to remain family forever.  When one dies young, the group loses track of one another.  A letter from their deceased friend brings them all back together at the house they once lived in.  The five are so different now than they once were, can coming together bring them friendship and peace or are things too long gone?

I digress… the magazine includes several great book summaries from every genre and for $5.99 I feel like it is a very affordable way to keep track of all the month’s new books.  What do you guys think?

So that’s it for me.  What’s new with you?



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