Batman: Hush, Jeph Loeb

batman hushspolier alertTitle: Batman: Hush

Author: Jeph Loeb, created by Bob Kane

Artwork: Jim Lee, Alex Sinclair

Pages: 320

Genre: detective, action, comic book

Part of a series?  While this seems to be a whole story unto itself, it is part of the Batman universe.

Published: August 19th, 2009

The story begins with a rescue.  Edward Lamont of Lamont Chemicals has been kidnapped.  Ransom is at the ready, but so is Batman.  Saving the boy from Killer Croc, he falls just short of saving the ransom.  Chasing the money via Cat Woman, he almost has her when his line snaps.  Plummeting to what would be death for most, he has no way to protect himself and has to rely on friends and allies.  His old friend Thomas Elliot saves him in surgery, and continually pops up.  Bruce, though has his hands full.  Find the money, find who cut his line.  As the tale twists and turns it is impossible to see who to trust.  Old enemies become allies, allies become betrayers, weapons and enemies.

Geeze this graphic novel was great.  It was really action packed and gorgeous with enough information that I, who only had television knowledge of the series, kept up well.  I would in fact say that this could easily be someone’s first foray into Gotham and it would be easy to follow. The art work was amazing!  The plot was twisted and intriguing.  I could wish for more information on Huntress, but that’s my only issue.  I think graphic novels may be key to my comic reading adventure.  Having the full story in one go was a definite plus.  Four Stars

As far as the adult content scale.  We have violence and language and… violence… high crime and violence.  Lol I give it a six.  Obviously meant for a slightly mature audience, it should be fine for any age with parental permission.  mature audience.


The graphic novel is out!  I will warn you though- at my big book store it was $26, but it was $17 in eBook.  I bought it from Barnes and Nobles for the Nook app because I have credit there…. but it is actually cheaper for the Kindle.  I will be posting that link.

Amazon Kindle



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