What’s New Wednesday? Week 12


Apollo_11_bootprint.jpgHappy Moon Day!  Today celebrates the day man first walked on the moon in 1969.  That’s right- forty seven years ago.  When put that way it is amazing all the progress we have made.  I mean satellites in orbit ( I believe China just changed a battery for one in space).  It’s all pretty amazing.


What’s new with me?

I am sitting here eating lychees and trying to think of anything. My local comic shop is helping me pick different story lines to follow so I don’t feel like I am drowning in arcs now that I want to start reading comics after fifteen years.  Apparently DC has come out with a line they are calling essentials.  I got a bat man one and it turned out to be the first chapter of the graphic novel Hush.  I love this idea- for a d0llar I can delve very shallowly into a story and see if it is something I want instead of dropping twenty to find that I am completely lost and perhaps bored.  They are also rebooting several popular ones (Batman, Wonder Woman, The Justice League…) which will make it so much easier to jump in.  I am still a bit lost on where to begin for The Avengers and X-men… but I know enough about the x-men that I can most likely pick up anywhere.

What’s new in New?

Paolo Alto now has crime fighting robots.  Some are loving these little guys with their 30 cameras and sensors.  They should be able to keep crime down.  Others think of them as a distraction and sometimes harmful.  Looking like something out of Star Wars, many kids are getting excited and running toward them.  Now, when you move toward a person- a cop- even if they are not facing you they will normally see you coming and address you.  A robot though… not always.  A woman says that her boy was hit and knocked down by one who then ran over his foot.  The company having looked into it says that the child ran into the bot and fell over.  The bot, not knowing this happened, continued patrol.  There were thankfully no serious injuries.  Read full report on the incident here.

What’s new in books?

the MandiblesIt starts in 2029 as the dollar plummets in value, to be replaced by the globally accepted bancor.  In retaliation the president says that America will default on their loans.  They are printing money to cover things.  This is the story of the Mandibles, a once well off family that was banking on a large inheritance from the patriarch.  With the economy in crisis and cabbage going up to twenty dollars a head, though… how much will anything saved really stretch?

I don’t usually go for stories like this, but it sounds really good and I may be picking it up.  Has anyone read this?  What are your thoughts?

That wraps up this week.  What’s new with you?



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