The Justice League: Volume one Origins, Geoff Johns

Justice Leaguespolier alertTitle: The Justice League: Volume One Origins

Author: Geoff Johns; artist Carlos D’Anda

Pages: 192

Genre: fiction, science fiction, comic

Part of a Series: Yes, first look at “the new 52” reboot

Published: May 8th, 2012



I am a huge fan of the super hero movies that have been coming out, and of the cartoons that were out in the past.  Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, The Justice League…. I have them all along with The Gargoyles.  Out of all of this, I never actually read the comics before this year.  My teen years I was in the Marvel Universe, with manga on the side.  Having watched Batman VS Superman to gear up for The Justice League movie coming next summer I have had bats on the brain.  I wanted more Batman.  I also wanted more Wonder Woman (also getting her own movie).  The Origin story seemed like the most likely place to start.  I kinda loved it, but it had it’s issues.

Let’s start with the story line.  Batman is chasing a villain, patrol copters are chasing both of them.  He almost has his guy when there is gunfire from said copters and Green Lantern shows up to help/get in the way (depending on how one sees things).  As the two go chasing the bad guy they try to figure one an other out.  Right before they corner the query it says “For Darkseid” and combusted.  It planted an odd box before it left.  No one knows what it does, only that it was important. They meet up with Superman.

In Central city, Barry Allen is arguing to be allowed to work on a murder case, but the force is more interested in learning who The Flash is… everyone is on that case.  As he leaves work he gets a call from Lantern.  Come help fight Superman.  Against his better judgement he goes.  Batman finally stops the fight and forces Superman to hear him.  They have to find out what the thing from earlier was and if there are more.  Of coarse there are more.

So everyone is assembled and basically verbally kicking each other because there is way too much testosterone.    Move forward to S.T.A.R. labs in Detroit.  Dr. Stone is working on an item that was recovered from Superman’s last fight (another red box).  His son comes to him, upset that he missed his football game, but Stone doesn’t have time.  Suddenly all hell breaks loose.  The box explodes and Victor, Dr. Stone’s son, is hurt badly.  There is only one way to save him… but it is untested (isn’t it always?)  He injects his son with the Prometheus Skin Graft.

While all this is happening Wonder Woman has found the epic battle that found our four earlier heroes.  Aquaman follows suit because the bad guys were under water too.    Are we keeping role here?  Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and then Victor who has left S.T,A.R. labs confused and upset.  He can read things, the nanos in his new skin talking to him. giving him intel on the villians.  They will later call him Cyborg.  Even with all this, they loose the battle with Darkseid and Superman gets carted off.  Batman tells Lantern to get the others while he saves Superman.  The others are still fighting Darkseid.  Once everyone is back together Cyborg and Superman finish Darkseid and all the civilians that have been watching the show know their saviors.  They are publicly thanked, which is nice because all of them seem used to being hated.  There’s some confusion though, everyone seems to think they are a team.  Friends even.  They just met and did a “one time thing!”  Could this really be the start of everything?

And now for my thoughts.  The story, while a bit jumpy was fairly solid.  Granted the plot could have been better, but let’s give credit where it is due; there was a heck of a lot to cover.  We had to introduce everyone and come up with a explanation for Cyborg, then create an issue large enough to amass seven super heroes.  The character development was good, the play between characters was fun and the art work was phenomenal.  These are all things I need from a Graphic Novel.  I wish the story line was more linear and… well… simply more, but it definitely kept me entertained and ready for the next segment.  Three Stars.

As far as the Adult Content Scale; there is a large amount of violence.  It is after all a comic book about superheroes.  Nothing too over the top though ( I will say that they could give Wonder Woman a bit more clothes, but that’s her normal look).  A three.  Parental Guidance

The book is out.  Go Get it!

Link to book:

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