The Witnesses, James Patterson and Brendan DuBois

the Witnessesspolier alertTitle: The Witnesses

Author: James Patterson and Brendan DuBois

Pages: 136 pages

Genre: Mystery, suspense

Part of a series?  This is a stand alone novel, but part of the Bookshots.

Published: July 19th, 2016

I was so excited to hear about this book- it wasn’t on the front page of his web site.  I found out about it when Amazon sent me an email offering a free Bookshot.  Of coarse, I went for it!  It is still free until August 16th, so go get yours.  This is only available right now in eBook, and I haven’t heard any chatter about it going paper.  You can get it from Amazon, I know, or there are links on James Patterson’s page now.

We begin with an ex-cop Ronald Temple going through some serious health issues that leave him at home all the time, attatched to oxygen.  My first reaction to him is that he is a bit of a racist.  He watches the new family next door.  Mother, Father, a boy and a girl living with another adult male.  All look middle eastern to him.  tanned with darker hair, the girls that their heads covered the first day he saw them.  He begins watching them constantly, sure something is off.  They never leave.  Not for work or anything.  They don’t socialize, and when they do shop everyone goes together and the family is ushered inside while the man takes groceries in.    He is sure they are terrorists.  All he does is watch them with his binoculars, sitting in his chair with his gun.  This time, he will be ready.

Teresa and Lance  Sanderson are living in hell.  They saw something on Lance’s last dig that they shouldn’t have- no one is sure what- and now they are in hiding with two children and a body guard.  Yes, they can do their writing without internet but it stinks, plus try telling a ten year old boy they can’t get on line!  Everyone is antsy.

One slip up sends a dangerous killer their way.  When the time comes they receive help from an unlikely source.  Lives are lost, but they will make it through wiser and stronger.

I loved this book.  While short, it never felt lacking.  Indeed it did everything I always hope these bookshots will.  It gave a full, fleshed out story with great character development in the size of a novella.  You never knew everything that was going on, yet you were never lost.  I simply took each turn with the narrators, enjoying the flow of the story and intrigued by the plot.  It held my interest well and kept me guessing.  Five Stars

As far as the Adult Content Scale goes, there is a large amount of violence so I have to give it a five.  Parental Guidance

The book is out in eBook- go get it.

Link to book in Amazon



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