What’s New Wednesday? Week 13

Hp cursed childHello and happy Bagpipe appreciation day!

What’s new with me?

I don’t really do anything, save reading and hanging out with my family, life can get pretty boring.  I found another local book store and am getting some graphic novels sent to my library for me from local libraries.  That’s been fun.  Right now I am mostly on a Batman kick.  We have started watching The Flash on Netflix though.

What’s new in news?

  • In Sacramento, California ten year old Leah Nelson spreads a message of love with hand made bracelets.  She has made hundreds of colorful loom bracelets for her project “Becuz I Care” in hopes of battling the prejudice and politics that has everyone so worked up.  The idea behind this is that she gives you a bracelet in kindness, you listen to her message of hope and kindness for 30 seconds; later you will give the bracelet to another and share the message.  I love this idea, and the sweet girl that came up with it!  See full story here.
  • Meanwhile in Concord, New Hampshire, Liquor Commission officials saw $678-million in sales for the fiscal year that ended at the end of June.  This is a 5.6% increase from last year.  It makes me wonder, if we went back to every year that is gearing toward a presidential election would we find similar data?  Just a thought… See Full story here

What’s new in Books?

First, can we discuss how excited I am about the new Harry Potter book?  Today is the 27th and in TWO DAYS we have a new story!  Every day that passes makes this more real to me.  I want to see how everyone grew up, I want to see their kids, I want to see everything!  I preordered the eBook months ago so it will download first thing in the morning.

Also, there is a bonus Bookshot that came out this month.  The Witnesses is a really good suspense novella- and right now it is free!  EBook only, of coarse, but it gives links to read it on line from James Patterson’s web site; or I got my copy from my Kindle app.  My review is up here.  The Witnesses, James Patterson and Brendan DuBois.  Seriously, I loved it!

Well, that’s it for now.  What’s new with you?




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