Batman: Heart of Hush, Paul Dini

heart of hushspolier alertTitle: Batman: Heart of Hush

Author: Paul Dini, Illustrators: Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs

Pages: 140

Genre: graphic novel, suspense

Part of a series? Tied to Batman: Hush, Jeph Loeb.  You really must read this book first.

Published: April 7th, 2009.

To start, have you read Hush yet?  If not, stop here and read it.  It’s the only way, really, because this feels like it picks up that story and moves along with it.  Hush, Batman’s one time friend Tommy Elliot, is back and ready to really make Batman pay.  Knowing our caped crusader as he does, Hush is in a unique position to wreck him like no one else.  In one scene, you see Cat woman saving a mob member from execution by his peers.  Batman joins the fight and they save the mobster, but his boss nearly escapes; stopped when shot by Hush.  This is how he reveals himself to Batman, letting him know that he is after him, and only he gets to end Batman.  Grabbing onto several past villains, he teams up with them.  Scarecrow kidnaps a child and hides him in a cave knowing how claustrophobic the child is.  The boy’s other fear?  Bats. When batman goes to save him he loses control of his fear and triggers a serum that Scarecrow attached to him, making him strong enough to lash out at his fears. Each person that Batman holds dear is at risk.  The ones that will wreck him though, those are just for Hush.  He grabs the one woman that Batman ever loved, and steals her heart.  It’s a race against the clock to retrieve the still living heart and piece his lover back together.  But that’s not Hush’s only trick.  Plastic surgery makes him the man his mother always wanted him to be.  Now he just has to convince one more person and he can lead the life he wants as Batman fights.  Can Batman save the girl and reclaim his life?  Can he survive not only his past foes but the one he loved like a brother once?

In this action packed graphic novel, you see more of Thomas Elliot and how he became Hush. What drove him to it.  I loved the story line and the art work.  I especially liked seeing Batman and Catwoman together as well as other cameo appearances from his friends.  I was riveted, having felt like Hush ended with me wanting too much, this gave me the closure I needed.  It was wild and mad… it was awesome.  Five Stars


I feel like this one isn’t too bad on the adult content scale.  I mean, there is obviously going to be fairly graphic violence, but it is tasteful and I would hand this one to anyone.  General.svg

The book is out now, if you have ever been interested in Batman at all this is a must.

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle


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