August TBR

Here we go!  It’s August and I am so excited to share what I plan to read this month.  It seems I always get distracted by other books, so I try to keep the list fairly simple.

  1. The Couple Next Door, Shari Lapena.  This is a First to Read pic that I am pretty excited about.  It sounds like a pretty suspenseful who-done-it book.  I love those.
  2. Letters From Paris, Juliet Blackwell.  Her grandmother and a beautiful piece of art carry Claire to Paris where she learns about where the art was made and the life of the woman in the picture.  It sound gorgeous.  This is a First To Read pic.
  3. The Reader, Traci Chee.  This is a First to Read pic.  When her father is murdered Sefia flees into the wilderness with her Aunt Nin.  Taught to survive out in the wild, nothing prepares her for when her aunt is also taken.  She has no idea how to get her back and her only clue is the book her father left behind.
  4. The Things We Wish Were True, Marybeth Mayhew Whalen.  This is my Kidle First choice.    A small town neighborhood suffers a near tragedy that brings some dark revelations to light.
  5. Bullseye, James Patterson.  Michael Bennett’s back.  A team of assassins are using the snowstorm to cover their destruction.  The president is in New York for a summit for the UN where he will meet his Russian counterpart.  It’s up to Bennett to find out what’s going on and stop it before war breaks loose.
  6. Chase, James Patterson.  A man falls to his death from the roof of a Manhatten hotel.  What keeps it from appearing to be a suicide this the $10,00 on him and that he’s covered in another man’s finger prints.  A Michael Bennett bookshot.
  7. Let’s Play Make Believe, James Patterson.  Divorcees Christy and Martin no longer believe in love at first sight, or on the first date… but there’s something there.  Their relationship is perfect!  That is, until they start playing a game of make believe… a game that is about to go too far.
  8. Eligible, Curtis Sittenfeld.  A new age Pide and Prejudice.
  9. Learning to Swear in America, Katie Kenedy.  Doomsday, a meteor… and a sixteen year old genius.

And my graphic novels:

  1. Joker, Brian Azzarello.  The Joker is being set free, but he’s not happy.  What was his has now been divided up because everyone thought he was gone for good.  Revenge will be sweet.
  2. Justice League of America, World’s Most Dangerous, Geoff Johns.
  3. Batman: Year One, Frank Miller.

Have a good month everyone!



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