July Wrap Up!

open bookThis was a great reading month for me, though I did fall a bit behind on my reviews- the two I wrote today were actually read days ago which isn’t like me, but I couldn’t concentrate because Harry Potter stole my sanity.  That said, lets wrap things up!  So as not to make this too long I will give the books and small description, plus a link to the full review.  At the end will be a collage.

  1. Pierced By The Sun, Laura EsquivelThree Stars Kindle first selection

Lupita has lived a hard life.  A cop in Mexico now, she has to decide what to do when she sees one of her favorite Delgado’s killed.  Working through the clues and her own issues she has to find out what happened- and lean how to deal with what she discovered.

2. Results May Vary, Bethany Chase Five Stars First to Read selection

Caroline Hammond is broadsided when she finds out that her husband has had an affair- with a man!  There were never any signs that he felt that way toward men, plus he loves her!  Coming to terms with what this means for her life, she has to decide if she will move forward with her husband.  They had been together so long, what is she without him?

3. The Girl Before, Rena Olsen Five Stars First to read selection

What if everything you were told- about your past and right and wrong- was a lie?  Clara Lawson only knows that her husband, like his father before him, finds unwanted girls.  Their families take money for their kids and then they come to her to be groomed for a better life.  She doesn’t question it- that gets you hurt.  When their home is raided, it all falls apart and Clara must confront what she was a part of.

4. Thieving Weasels, Bill Taylor Five StarsFirst to read selection

All Skip O’Roarke wanted was to get away from his conning family- lead a normal life as one of the good guys.  When his grandfather leaves him money- just enough to help with cost to a plush private school, he hits the road at thirteen.  Years later he has a good life- great girlfriend, good grades and just enough school grants that he only has to work at the cafeteria.  It isn’t glamorous but he is very happy.  Then his uncle nabs him.  One more con- just one- and he’s out… the question is, who’s the real mark?

5. Unlocking Worlds, Sally Allen Five Stars  netgalley selection

This one explains the bibliophile’s love affair with books, adding in anecdotes from her life and book recommendations from a large amount of subjects.

6.  Look Past, Eric Devine Four Stars netgalley selection

Avery is a transgender male in an area that has a very hard time coming to terms with such an idea.  When the first girl to accept and love him is brutally murdered he starts getting threats.  Repent your ways, or this could be you…

7. Please Enjoy Your Happiness, Paul Brinkley-Rogers Five Stars netgalley selection

A beautiful memoir with poetry and letters.  Paul was nineteen when he met Yukiko, an older bar girl.  Both lovers of literature they began a friendship and sweet romance that he cannot forget years later.

8. The Trial, James Patterson and Maxine Paetro  Five Stars bookshot!

Lyndsey Boxer is back! The Kingfisher is on trial but he turns it on everyone else- he isn’t on trial they are.  One by one everyone related to the case die.  Can Lyndsey stop them before it’s too late?  And what will she do when it is her family on the line?

9. Little BlackDress, James Patterson and Emily Raymond Three Stars bookshot!

A woman that has been pretty closed off finds confidence in a dress and goes out, getting laid and causing trouble.  As soft erotica, it works great.  As a book… there really needs to be more of a plot.

10. A Man of Character, Margaret Locke Four Stars

Catherine hasn’t been one to attract the guys.  After her last relationship six years ago, she’s good with that.  When guys start coming out of the woodwork, all wanting her, she doesn’t know what’s going on.  One, maybe, but three?  And all seem eerily familiar.  Then it hits her, she wrote about each of these men- as characters in her stories!  When another guy that she really likes comes by, can she trust his feelings or is this another man of character?

11.The Witnesses, James Patterson and Brendan DuBois Five Stars  book shot!

Things aren’t always as they seem.  An ex-cop is certain terrorists have moved in next door. No one will do anything!  A family is in witness protection after a dig goes very badly.  Their body guard has them on lock down.  No one goes out alone, no internet.  Period.  This is very hard for both the parents and the children.  One slip up brings danger, lives are lost.  How do you move on from this?

12. The Pocket Wife, Susan Crawford  Five Stars

Dana can’t remember all of her last conversation with her neighbor Celia- there was a lot of drinking involved.  When Celia turns up dead, Dana is freaked out.  What happened that day?  Is it possible she killed her?  Pieces are coming back, but with a large amount of alcohol involved, plus her history of mental illness… well she doesn’t know what she can trust.  Piecing together the pieces, she has to find someone to trust and get to the bottom of this.

13.The McCullagh Inn in Maine, Jen McLaughlin Three Stars Bookshot Flames!

Chelsea is running from her past again. with what little money she has and a gun, she goes to Maine to take charge of the inn her aunt left her.  The plan is to start over, recreate herself as a widow or something to explain the missing years and name change.  Unfortunately she bumps into Jeremy- the only man she ever loved.  He is certain he has always loved her and doesn’t want to lose her again.  Can the two survive her past and his secrets?

14. The Viscount Meets His Match, Deborah Hale Four Stars

What begins as a case of mistaken identity turns into friendship, understanding and love.

15. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne Five Stars  This is every fan’s dream come true!  What happens when Harry Potter no longer has to fight?  How does everyone grow up?  What are their kids like?  Albus Serverus Potter can’t live up to his father’s shadow and he hates it!  When he discovers that there is a way to right what he considers one of his father’s mistakes he jumps for it, taking his friend Scorpius Malfroy along for the ride.  Not everything is as it seems, though, and time does not like to be played with.

Along with these, there were several graphic novels that I blogged, but I don’t know if they should be added here.  So that was my month!



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