The McCullagh Inn in Maine, Jen McLaughlin

Mccullagh innspolier alertTitle: The McCullagh Inn in Maine

Author: Jen McLaughlin

Pages: 137

Genre: Romance

Part of a Series?  Yes.  This is book one for the McCullagh Inn series.  Also part of the Bookshots Flames series.

Published: July 5th, 2016

Chelsea O’Kane left Maine years ago right before the man she loved married another.  She tried to shake off her family’s questionable dealings and lead a good life- working as a lawyer.  On paper everything is great, but her boyfriend is abusive.  After beatings and verbal abuse, she realizes he will never let her go.  Time to take care of things permanently.

On the run back to Maine with what little money she has and her gun, Chelsea is ready to reinvent herself again.  Taking hold of the inn her aunt left her, she goes to her brother for help with a new identity.  The plan will work… except she runs into her past- literally.  Jeremy Holland never forgot Chelsea, and never married Marry.  The night before his wedding he made love to his best friend and realized it had been her he loved all the time.  The next morning she’s gone.  Now that he has her he refuses to let her go again.  Working to fix up the inn together, they realize that the love is still there; but can they get through Chelsea’s past and keep her safe?

Add to all of this, Jeremy has secrets of his own and when they come out everything begins to unravel.  Chelsea’s been found by the bad men in her past, and has to try to protect everyone- which would be easier if Jeremy were honest with her.  When she discovers his lies she is livid.  Can she trust him?  Does she want to?

I liked this book, but there were serious issues.  The lack of communication between these two who loved each other so much drove me insane.  Add to that, going through all the info for both the characters secrets left little room for a real romantic connection.  There is another book coming in January though, and I will be buying it.  Even with these flaws, I found this to be a really interesting and enjoyable read.  Three Stars

On the adult content scale, we have language, violence and a good amount of sexual content.  I have to give it a six.  adult content road sign

The book is out now, go get it!

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