What’s New Wednesday? Week 14

Squirrel with nuts.jpgHey guys and happy Grab Some Nuts Day (not those, heads out of the gutter guys)!

What’s new with me?

It’s been a bit hectic around here, and I got behind on my reviews resulting in like five posts in one day.  I hadn’t meant to read and not review that many, but my mind was all manic with the new releases.  Harry Potter definitely took over; but James Patterson is also to blame.  Three releases in two day?!?  Of course I was paniced to clear my current reads ( I didn’t in the end.  I am still reading Eligible… I just set it aside for Harry Potter.  I can’t keep doing that though!).  I hit 86 hours and 50 minutes reading last month which is (insanely) less that usual.

Aside from that, my husband and I have a new neighbor of sorts.  A beaver stays mostly in the abandoned house, but also likes my porch/ yard (there are a lot of pears that fell and he had himself a feast) and the other neighbor’s house.  I have named him Billy.  While camera shy, he’s a pretty chill individual.

What’s new in News?

Holy Crazy People Batman!    In Seattle, a 23 year old young man was being held for assault charges after threatening a bouncer with a home made spear.  Wait, it gets better.  This man, who is not named in the article, realized that the cops were after him and threw a BATARANG at the car.  Please, please, read the full story here.

What’s new in books?

Yesterday James Patterson came out with two new bookshots; Chase (a Michael Bennett book) and Let’s Play Make Believe (two divorcees meet and fall in love.  Everything seems great, until they move too far into a game of make believe.  Seriously, that is all the info I have on the book and it is driving me NUTS).

And, of course, the whole world knows that there is a new chapter to the Harry Potter Saga.  My review is already up.  Loved it!

That’s it for me guys, what’s new with you?




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