Bullseye, James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

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Title: Bullseye

Author: James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Pages: 314

Genre: suspense/thriller

Part of a series?  Yes.  Michael Bennett series book #9

Published: 8/01/2016


                Bennett’s back with his family and nanny/girlfriend Mary Catherine.  In the middle of a snow storm in New York an assassin duo take out a drug cell, including a well respected professor.  No one wants to talk about the professor or believe this of them, and no one can figure out how two people got seven.    As if this weren’t big enough he is pulled in to talk to FBI’s new antiterror ASAC. There is word on a threat to the president.    Someone wants to get him when he comes to New York for UN meetings.

                Airforce One is already in the air and it’s a race against the clock to get a detail for him and figure out where the threat will be.  Low on manpower, Bennett offers to be a spotter for one of the air snipers.    As the limo train moves toward the UN building something is spotted.  High up in a building, a man waits.  When the chopper gets too close, the assassin opens fire.  Making an emergency landing on the roof, Bennett is running after the sniper.  With some absolutely crazy moves our assassin disappears.

                Knowing that the president in still in danger, and that there are at least three killers in New York, it’s time to buckle down and get to work.  But nothing is ever so simple…. Home life just got more complicated as the Bennetts take in a senior from Brian’s school.  Marvin is a good boy with fair grades and a great tackle.  Things look promising if he can stay on the straight and narrow.  Unfortunately a face from his past shows up.  His family owed Flicka money, and Marvin has to work it off or his uncle will be killed.  Not knowing what to do, he begins working with the drug dealer- doing drops and measuring.  Brian catches on, but doesn’t want Marvin to go to jail and so tries to fix everything on his own with varying degrees of failure.

                I loved this book!  It’s always fun to see what the Bennett clan is up to and I love the dynamics there.  The story line with the assassins was amazing, and really kept me guessing.  The action started immediately and never really slowed.  What I really love about Patterson, though, is that you get into everyone’s head.  Bennett, the assassin duo, the single assassin and Brian.  I enjoy seeing the thought processes there.  I feel like we may have rushed the ending though.  You don’t see what happens the certain important characters, and I hate that.  Still it was a great book, I give it five stars.  Five Stars

                As far as the Adult content scale goes… murder, drugs, language and sexual content are all here.  I give it an eight.adult content road sign

                The book is out now! Go get it!!!

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