Let’s Play Make-believe, James Patterson, James O. Born

lets play make believespolier alert

Title: Let’s Play Make-Believe

Author: James Patterson and James O. Born

Pages: 107

Genre: suspense?

Part of a series?  No, but it is a book shot.

Published: August 2, 2016


                The premise: two divorcees find one another and click.  One thing they love to do during their dates is “play make-believe”; let go of their inhibitions and do things they normally would not do.  Walk out on a check, take a car for a test drive for days…. crazy things.  What will happen when the games go too far?  When they become dangerous?

                I have mixed feeling about this book.  The premise intrigued me, I enjoyed the play between the characters.  The two main characters seemed a bit bitter at times… but they were both going through nasty divorces.  The game seemed to move along to more and more crazy things, but the progression made a strange sort of sense.  I felt like the ending was rushed though.   Now, I don’t know that there is enough here to make a full 240 page book, it works best as a novella; but an extra twenty pages might have been nice.  All in all I enjoyed the ride and do recommend it- it just wasn’t my favorite.  Three stars. Three Stars

                As far as the Adult Content scale goes… drugs, sex, mayhem… a seven. Let’s just say it wasn’t written with teens in mind.  adult content rubber stamp

                The book is out now.  Go get it!

                Link to book:

Amazon Kindle


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