The Couple Next Door, Shari Lapena

the couple next doorspolier alert

Title: The Couple Next Door

Author: Shari Lapena

Pages: 310

Genre: Suspense

Part of a series? No

Publish Date: August 23rd, 2016


               First, I would like to thank First To Read for an advanced copy of this book.  If anyone isn’t using this site,  check it out.

            Anne Conti is having issues getting used to motherhood.  She has always been a bit delicate, but now that she has postmortem depression it’s hard to do anything.  Leaving her job at the art gallery, she takes care of the baby all day.  She loves her baby, but fears she is not a good mother, depression and anxiety eat at her, along with the knowledge that in the past she has lost time. 

                On the night of a dinner party, the babysitter cancels at the last moment.  She wants to stay home, but her husband Marco won’t hear of it.  It’s only next door, with the baby monitor he decides it will be fine.  They will check on her every half hour.  Dinner with the other couple involves too much alcohol, and flirting between Cynthia and her husband. When they get home, her six month old daughter is gone.

                As we move through the story, talking to police and Anne’s family, a twisted tale comes to light.  Anne can’t remember all of that night, can’t say for certain that she didn’t hurt her baby.  Marco has several secrets.  The parents hate Marco, how far would they go to get Anne away from him?

                I found this to be intriguing and very fast paced.  The character development was well done and, by having multiple view points we get a good idea of everyone’s state of mind.  The plot was interesting, though sometimes seemed a bit contrived.  All in all I really enjoyed it.  Four Stars

                On the adult content scale, we have language, violence, and mental illness.  This was written with adults in mind…. A six. mature audience.

                The book comes out on 8/23/2016, be ready for it.

                Link to the book:

Amazon Kindle





3 thoughts on “The Couple Next Door, Shari Lapena

  1. I haven’t read Patterson in a while because I felt the quality of his writing had gone downhill as he’s come out with more and more books each year. The last book I tried was Toys which annoyed me so much that if it wasn’t a library copy I seriously would have considered burning it. But I digress. This sounds interesting so I think I might try it. Nice review!😊


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