I’m back- why I missed my Wednesday Post

20160812_172025           Hey guys!  So I went on vacation last week and internet was spotty at best so all I could do was post my book reviews that I had typed up when we were at a hotel.  Warren and I took my brother in law Danny to visit their cousin Yogi in Ohio.  It was a lot of fun!  We went to an amusement park and the guys played video games while I read… Oh, and I got to see Suicide Squad which I really enjoyed.  There is a novel adaptation that I am considering getting, it seems to have things that were deleted from the movie.  I will most likely do a movie-novel review later after reading the book.  I chopped my hair off and can’t stop touching the back of my head- I just love how it feels!

My tech savvy husband didn’t want me posting that we’d be away from home on any social media site, so that’s why I didn’t tell you guys ahead of time.  Ohio was gorgeous though, and we had a blast.  On the way home my poor husband had to drive around St. Louis to feed my insatiable desire for Char Su Bao (probably misspelling that terribly.  It is a sweet bun filled with small pieces of bar-b-que pork).  The one I knew of was closed for vacation, so it took a minute to find someone.  If you are ever in St. Louis please try the Yummy Bakery on Olive Bld.  You can’t miss it- it’s attatched to Yummy Asian Supermarket.  I ended up buying sevel Char Su Bao, jin dui, and “hot dog bao” (I don’t know the name but it is pieces of hot dog cooked in the same dough.  Delish- the boys like that a lot more).  I also ended up buying several loose teas for my cabinet- dragonwell, jasmine, and oolong- a long with a tea that says it is matcha with peppermint.  I am excited to try those.

The night before we left for Ohio we went to Marian Days in Carthage, Mo. with my family.  Every year a lot of Vietnamese people from all over come here for a week.  There’s mass in both Vietnamese and English, and a lot of food stalls.  I think of it as a cultural/religious festival.  It’s rather amazing.  This year 70,000 people from all over the country came for the festival.  I love seeing this, the unity and joy… and the food- I won’t deny it.  Every year we come here for dinner.  This year we walked around eating jack fruit and lychee with boba teas and then had Vietnamese sandwiches.  It was great!  One thing that troubles me though… is the lack of understanding I see in so many people in my community.  For forty-five years, we have opened our area to this festival; but if I tell a customer I am going they immediately say they never would because they would be forced to eat dog.  I have never seen that for sale number one, and number two that is such a short sighted idea of the Vietnamese culture!  So many attach to what (fox) news tells them and refuse to learn anything more.  I have said it before- lack of knowledge leads to misunderstandings, fear and bigotry.  Information is so easy to come by… why wouldn’t we grab on to it?

Oh well, rant ended.  Lol, sorry that was a bit of a rambling mess.




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