Learning To Swear In America, Katie Kennedy

learning to swearspolier alert

Title: Learning to Swear in America

Author: Katie Kennedy

Pages:   Goodreads says 346, but my eBook says 242

Genre: YA, some romance, some sci fi…. It’s hard to peg this one because it has something for everyone.

Part of a series?  No

Published July 5th 2016.

                An asteroid is hurtling toward LA and the best minds in America are trying to work out how to stop it.  Yuri Strelnikov, seventeen year old Russian genius, is called down to help.  Having graduated high school at twelve and already having a PHD did not lend well to learning how to interact with others though.  Pushed into a team where no one takes him seriously, he has to fight to be heard.  Add to this, he is a young man with a young man’s arrogance and pride… and interest in the opposite sex.

                When he meets Dovie he doesn’t know what to do.  She is cool and gorgeous, artistic… and unlike anyone he’s ever met.  Now, with so little time to save the world, is the worst time to get distracted. Working equations on how to make the asteroid  blow up or pass by harmlessly one moment, and escaping to meet Dovie and her brother Lennon the next, life has never been more complicated nor more fun.

                Of coarse, with genius comes terrible curiosity.  He wants to- and deserves to- know what is going to be sent toward the asteroid.  How else can he make accurate equations?  Sneaking into the director’s office, he sees more than he should have and they won’t let him go home.  Add to this, there’s a snot across the world trying to get a hold of his research and claim it.  Yuri does not want to share a Nobel with that ass!  So his missions: save the world, get the girl, protect his work, and somehow learn how to be a “normal teen” which includes being able to swear fluently. 

                I first learned of this book from a review  from By Hook or by Book.  It sounded exciting and funny.  I love stories like this, with such great and unique characters.  Each character was well developed and special- I loved them all!  I really can’t think of anything negative to say about the book- it was fast paced and well written with a lot of heart and humor.  I give it a five!Five Stars

                As far as the adult content scale goes, a three.  It has a lot of language and some lightly sexual content, but was written in such a way as I would give it an age range of 13 and up.General.svg

                The book is out now- go get it!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle



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