What’s New Wednesday? Week 16.

toomanybooksgraphicHey guys!  Happy National Thrift Shop Days ( I can almost hear Macklemore’s song….).  It has been an odd week for me, getting home on Friday night and trying to get back into the swing of things.  As an unrepentant homebody, I am really not used to traveling, and while it can be fun it can also be exhausting.  I find this odd because being in a car lulls me to sleep- due to this I am never the driver on long road trips, and I napped a large portion of the 22 hour drive away.  I woke for restrooms, food, and a small amount of my husband’s audio book.  Any way…

What’s new with me?

I am experiences reading attention deficit disorder.  I am in the middle of one of my FTR books, The Reader by Traci Chi.  I really love it, and am super excited.  At the same time, though, several other books popped up on my radar this past week, along with the list of must-haves that I already started for the year.  I ended up using the last of my eBook settlement gift card (yeah, Barnes and Nobles sent gift cards) as well as depleting my kindle money, but I have most of what I need for the year… that I know of yet.  I bought:

  1. Beast, by Bri Spangler,
  2. Yesternight, by Cat Winters
  3. A taste for Monsters, Mathew J. Kirby
  4. Strange the Dreamer, Laini Taylor (if you are interested, this book was supposed to be out in September but has been moved to March 28th of 2017).
  5. Hunted, James Patterson
  6. 113 Minutes, James Patterson
  7. Cross the Line, James Patterson
  8. This Is Where It Ends, Marieke Nijkamp
  9. Everything I Never Told You, Celeste Ng
  10. A Little Something Different, Sandy Hall
  11. The Year She Left Us, Kathryn Ma
  12. She’s Not There, P.J. Parrish
  13. How To Say I Love You Out Loud, Karole Cozzo
  14. Passenger, Alexandra Bracken
  15. The Memory Book, Lara Avery
  16. Curious Minds, Janet Evanovich
  17. The Killing Joke, Alan Moore

Now, the first seven on the list are preordered, but I have the rest now.  Is it any wonder my TBR list is in the triple digits?  It’s horrible…. I am both embarrassed and excited.  This doesn’t even include all the other Patterson books (mostly bookshots) that will need picked up as well as the next Stephanie Plum book.  Then there are going to be more books I learn about on the fly.  Lol there should be a meeting for those of us that cannot stop buying books, but we would probably just tell each other about other books to buy.  Ugh, ramble ended- this will work for my “What’s new in books” segment this week.

What’s new in news?

I was reading the USA Today and came across a story that near broke my heart.  In Franklin, Ohio a seven year old boy was found by a police officer in front of the CVS trying to sell his stuffed animal for money to buy food.  Officer Steve Dunham bought the child food at subway, but when two officers brought him home the house was a mess.  The parents have five children- there was rancid food, cat urine, and alcohol bottles around the house.  The  mother said the kids were fine, that they had just ate.  Read the story here.

That’s it for me this week, what’s up with you?



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