The Dream Team, Eva Jordan

the dream teamspolier alert

Title: The Dream Team
Author: Eva Jordan

Pages:  Goodreads claims 79, my Kindle app says 995.  I am going to say neither is correct.  At a guess, maybe 150 pages.

Genre: Romance, Women’s lit

Part of a series?  No

Published:  August 9th, 2016

                First, a big thank you to Netgalley and Endeavor Press for an e-arc of this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I fell in love with the premise of this story- a girl with a big dream and no confidence finds the supportive friends that she needs, and the courage to go after what she wants.  You just know that this is a book, that will make you feel good. 

                Ramona is starting a new job.  Again.  Much to the consternation of her parents she can’t seem to find the right fit.  After twelve jobs, she stopped counting.  Luck was always with her, though, and she always found work.  The problem as she saw it, though, was that she would never find fulfillment in a job that wasn’t her dream.  She wants to write- it’s what she has always wanted.  Being an adult, though, means putting those dreams away- they won’t pay the bills, won’t come with a 401K.    Her father has told her often enough that she is an embarrassment- that she is wasting her life.  This job, though, will be different.  Filing papers for the hospital won’t be so bad… she can stick with this one. 

                Here she meets Page, Kamal and Sam.  Like her, they have dreams.  The difference is they are actively moving toward theirs.  They call themselves The Dream Team, and meet weekly for progress reports.  With their warmth and support, Ramona begins writing short stories.  There are arguments, and times where the members want to give up, but they pull each other through, push each other along. 

                I was completely charmed by this book.  I loved the unique and sweet cast of characters, especially Esperanza, Ramona’s grandmother.  I felt for Ramona, with her dream but no self-confidence, having to defend herself to her parents.  I was rooting for each member of the dream team and wanted to watch each of them grow.  The characters were well developed, the plot was great… really  my only complaint was that it seemed short (maybe it really was 79 pages!).  Five Stars!Five Stars

                On the adult content scale,  I give it a three.  While written for adults, the sexual content is glossed over and there’s really very little language.General.svg

                The book is out- go get it!

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle

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