Little Girl Lost, J S Marciano

Little Girl Lostspolier alert

Title: Little Girl Lost

Author: J S Marciano

Genre: mystery, suspense

Pages:  165

Part of a series?  No

Published:  August 12th, 2016

                Thank you to Netgalley and Endeavour Press for an eARC of this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

                Summary:   Once upon a time, a little girl was stolen from her family while they were on vacation.  For years, she stayed with her abductor being mistreated.  One night trouble finds the abductor and she tells the girl to run.  That night she witnesses something that traumatizes her until she can’t even remember her own name.

                Three weeks later, a child is found wandering the streets.  A family comes to claim their Rosemary.  She is loved and cared for, but can’t really get over what has happened.  Eventually her father and mother get a divorce, each remarrying.  The loving father of her childhood goes to New Jersey and they lose contact.

                Fast forward.  Rosemary is in her thirties and just got kicked out by her boyfriend.  He has someone else now.  With nowhere to go she goes to her brother Leo’s house.  Leo loves her and lets her stay with him.. but his wife Mei is not happy.  Expecting a baby, she doesn’t want the drama that envelopes Rosemary.  After a month, Rosemary decides that she has to make a clean start.  She buys a ticket to New Jersey where she will bridge the gap between her and her father, and hopefully work at the family hotel.  In all this there is Ari Ferrari, a handsome taxi driver that she clicks with.  On her last day she gets a ride from him to the ex’s house to get some of her stuff.  The new girlfriend shows up and craziness ensues, capped by Rosemary letting the room know that she is pregnant.

                Over cake and coffee at the airport lounge, Ari charms Rosemary out of her phone number.  She leaves for New Jersey, expecting to see her father.  She sees her step brother instead.  Everyone is hemming and hawing, coming up with reasons why she needs to wait to see her father.  The reality, he is dying of cancer and wants something off his chest before he parts.  All the things that Rosemary thought were true are swept away in a moment of confession.

                Trouble comes for Rosemary in the form of Christine, Freddie’s “new girlfriend”.  Freddie, her ex, is dead, and Christine has come for Rosemary. …

                My thoughts:  this is a fun, fast read.  I loved the premise and thought it was well executed for the most part.  I liked the characters, with all their flaws.  My issues were with the relationship with Ari.  Why would he keep popping up?  They barely know one another!   It seemed odd to me, and I couldn’t get over that.  My second issue is that it felt like the ending was rushed.  That aside, I did love the book and recommend it.  Four stars.  Four Stars

                On the adult content scale, I give it a six.  Violence, sexual content and language.Parental Guidance

The book is out now, let me know what you think.

Link to book:

Amazon Kindle

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