Letters from Paris, Juliet Blackwell

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Title: Letters From Paris

Author: Juliet Blackwell

Pages: 384

Genre: lit/ fiction/ mystery

Part of a Series? No

Publish Date: September 6th, 2016


                I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this eBook from First to Read in exchange for an honest review.  I really loved it, going back and forth in time to the two story lines that collide.  The writing was very well done, and the characters were well developed and interesting. I liked Sabine and Mammaw most of all.  The story was fresh and intricate, captivating.  There was just enough humor to round out the seriousness of some of the topics, make them softer.

                When Chance Broussard was growing up she worked hard to escape her little town in Louisiana.  Being the survivor of a crash that took her mother’s life, and then abused by her father… well she wanted to leave those ghosts behind.  Mammaw, her grandmother, and Uncle Remy were her only bright lights in childhood.  When the phone call comes that Mammaw is in a bad way Chance, calling herself Claire now, leaves her IT job and boyfriend to go back home.  There, Mammaw seems confused and weak.  She keeps insisting that Claire go to Paris and find the company that made a mask that she loved as a child.  She says that Claire will “find a secret”. 

                With nothing really tying her down, Claire goes and finds the Lombardi family business.  Through odd twists of fate, she spends two weeks working with them- Armand and his cousin.  All she wants is a place to stay and to know more about that mask.  But no one knows anything.  Over time, though she finds letters that she believes were written between model and sculptor.   While she may not uncover all of the mask’s secrets…. Maybe she will discover one of her own.

                The second story line revolves around Sabine, who came up to Paris from the country.  She lands a job as an artist’s model, thinking it her salvation.  Things aren’t always as they seem though.  How the two tie together is a beautiful and unbelievable tale.

                I cannot say enough good things about this book!   Really, I just adored it.  It was fast paced and gripping.  The character of Chance/ Claire is one that is so very damaged yet hopeful.  Beautiful.  I cannot help but love her.  Armand is also damaged in a different way.  Cold, withdrawn and taciturn, you never really know where you stand with him.  The two together make sense, though, soothing each other’s pain.  This may be one of my favorite fictional couples at the moment.   Five Stars!Five Stars

                On the adult content scale… the sexual content is glossed over, but there is a bit of violence.  Still, I would allow a preteen to read this if they wanted.  A three tops.General.svg

The book comes out 9/06/2016, be ready!

Link to book:

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