What’s New Wednesday? Week 17

rio-de-janeiro-2016-1177950_960_720.pngHey guys!  Happy Waffle Day.  This is the day that Cornelius Swartwout got the first patent for a waffle maker in 1869.  On that yummy note, let’s begin.

What’s New With Me?

My sister, Mei, is back from medical school in St. Vincent and we get her till the end of year where there will be test results and more schooling elsewhere.  I am pretty happy about that, I love having my sister and her husband around!  For game day last week they played Rock Band with my husband Warren.  I know he likes that.

What’s New In News?

This week, this is going to be a bit different.  I am noticing that, while we just finished the Olympics, all anyone seems to want to talk about is how Locke messed up.  Yes, it is sad and embarrassing…. to lie about a thing like being robbed.  To do damage in your host country.  It’s shameful and he is feeling the effects of his poor judgement.  But what about all those other Olympians that did their countries so very proud?  These are amazing athletes, role models that have done great things.  I want to hear more about them!  Welcome home Olympians, thank you for sharing your gift with us!

What’s new in books?

a taste for monsters28 Days until the book launches!  This looks like it’s going to be amazing!


So, that’s it for me this week.  What’s new with you?



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